Soul Travel: The Ultimate Key To Freedom And Happiness

Soul Travel: The Ultimate Key To Freedom And Happiness

Whether by means of having a good relationship with someone, through some sort of material achievement, religious rituals or a spiritual path, everyone is seeking everlasting freedom and happiness one way or another. Some have the belief that everlasting freedom and happiness can only be achieved if one has great wealth and some others believes one can have it only if they renounce life and achieve some sort of enlightenment.

You too probably have wondered at one time or another if it is possible to have complete freedom and happiness while living in this world. Some will say it is impossible because of the nature of this world is such. This world is constantly changing. The question: how can you find something everlasting in a changing world? Is it even possible? Many people are ready to admit that anything is possible, but when a challenging questions like this is asked, they become numb with uncertainties.

Let me assure you this. There is a way to find permanent or everlasting happiness and complete freedom while you are still living in this world. You don’t have to die and leave this world and go to heaven to have such experience. You can have it here and now. So what is that key? What is that secret to everlasting freedom and happiness? The hint: the ultimate key to everlasting happiness and freedom lies in our ability to do Soul Travel. What is ‘soul travel‘? Soul travel is a wonderful experience of leaving the body at will and moving into the world hereafter.

In a much more simpler term, if you, the soul, can get out of your body, you are experiencing soul travel. You can use this ability to travel anywhere in this universe or to the highest heaven that exists. Everyone does during sleep. The only difference is some people remember, some people don’t. If you believe it is impossible to do this, than you should not believe that anything is possible in this world. If you believe that, than isn’t that a pessimistic thinking? Optimistic thinking says anything is possible. Using my own real life experience, I say soul travel is not plausible but absolutely possible.

Now for the big question: how does soul travel relates to everlasting freedom and happiness? First, when you soul travel, you will find out through experience how life really exist. You will learn to see both side of the coin. This life and the life after death. Second, through as you travel higher to the heavenly world where all the pure souls lives, you will discover that there is such a place full of complete happiness. This place is known as the soul plane. This is our true home.

We need to establish our residence here on this soul plane or on the planes above this. Of course there are requirements to this and to get our self fit to enter this place – life experiences exist. All our experiences in life are training us to one day become a permanent residence here. Third, when you realize that you are soul and can do soul travel, you gain the ability to have complete control over your body and the way it reacts to external stimuli or the forces of this world. You learn to respond correctly and this will give you complete mobility. In other word, freedom.

Fourth, we will learn through soul travel that we can have 360 degree point of view. Meaning we can see and know all things and because we have this ability we will become better decision maker in this world. We will not react on impulse because we are now in control of our body. We will learn to decide and take actions that will give us complete freedom and happiness. Fifth, through soul travel, we will recognize the relationship that we have as soul with God. We will recognize the living life giving substance that is constantly feeding us with love. When we become aware of this love of God within us, we will have complete happiness while still living in this world.

Of course the recognition can only come if we become aware of ourself as soul and the easiest way I know of to realize our self as soul is by doing soul travel. I believe this is what the great spiritual masters of the universe have been trying to tell us by asking us to realize our self first. I think this is why Jesus must have said, ‘seek ye the kingdom of heave first and all shall be added unto thee’ and ‘the kingdom of heaven is within you’ that when we recognize ourself as soul and realize our relationship as soul to God, we will gain complete freedom and happiness.

What else can a man seek if he has ultimate freedom and happiness? Take heed. Nothing last in this world forever but you can live in this world with something that last forever – the love of God. People are recognizing the reality of soul everywhere. Maybe its time for you to see your real self – the soul. There are lot more benefit to soul travel than what I have mentioned. Take the interest of discovering if it is possible to learn to soul travel. I will say it is possible through my own experiences. There are literally thousands of books in the shelves of the library or the book stores which talks about soul travel experiences.

We are certainly living in an exciting time. We are living in the most gifted era of all time. We are lucky because now we have the opportunity to learn do soul travel and get back home as soon as possible. If you will like to learn more, I know of a wonderful spiritual teaching that shows the way to do it. In fact I call it the easy and most direct way. You can refer to Eckankar for more information. I think you will find a lot of wonderful information on soul travel from their books and by the way, I am not converting anyone here. Just have an open mind. Anything is possible.

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