Simplify Your Life

Simplify Your Life

Why do you need to simplify your life? Unlike the popular belief that says that we simplify life to get rid of some of the work we are to do, the real reason you need to simplify life is because when you simplify your life, you can manage your life better. What it means is that, we take full responsibility of managing our life.

One of the ways to simplify your life is to plan it creatively. Think about what your really want out of your life. Think about how you want your life to be. Do you want it to be easy, busy, or happy? You can design it the way you want it. Use your creativity to simplify your life.

Organize yourself, delegate your task and get rid of activities that don’t simplify your life. If you lack time for example, let say you have been going home late due to your work and have not been spending time properly with your children at home. It just so happened when you are on your way back you to go to the mall to buy something for the office, why not call up your wife to get herself and the children there?

This is what we call as multitasking. You combine one or more work at the same time and finish it. Multitasking involves a lot of creativity. You need to mix two tasks together without conflict and get the jobs done. It saves you time. It gives you time to do other task that are more important. Think about how you can multi-tasking your works. It has a lot of benefits.

If you want to do something, do it there and then whenever possible. You simplify your life this way. Let’s say you want to have an appointment with someone next week. You don’t need to tell your secretary to note it down and call him up later. You just call up the person you want to meet and settle it there and there. Fix that appointment now and you note it down on your PDA or on whatever tools you use to keep your appointment information.

If your colleague presented you with a report that she wants back tomorrow, why wait to read it tomorrow? Hold her there for 10 minutes. Read the report. Get absorbed in it. Give your feedback and return it back to her. How much simpler can it be? Do all those things you can do there and then immediately. Do it now. Don’t postpone your work. You save a lot of time this way. In fact, you reduce your work and can move on to what you can do next.

We don’t have to be a genius to simplify our life. We just need creativity and everyone is creative. Think of how you can creatively simplify your life and do it now. Remember the keyword, ‘Do it now’. If you don’t do it now, you are creating more and more tasks. Sometimes this tasks piles up and suddenly you will find yourself having just too many things to do. This is one of the way how we create stress for our self. Whatever you do to simplify your life, be flexible and creative.

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