Relationship Advice: Finding Your Ideal Love

Relationship Advice: Finding Your Ideal Love

I write so much about love because love matters for me. Without love nothing can exist. No one can live without love. Much of the suffering we find in any relationship is the result of lack of love. Even if you are without a dime in your pocket, if you have love, you have everything.

In a love relationship, we end up suffering because we are with someone who doesn’t match our spiritual make up. We all have our own characteristics. The best partner for our life would the one who can match these characteristics we possess.

Look for some common interest in the person you desire, you may not find all the interest to be similar to yours, but your partner’s interest and your interests should be somewhat similar. These similarities will act as the balancing factor.

Look at your own life and the things that matters most to you. Does these values are of any interest to your partner? Does your partner shares similar values in life? All these must be considered for a long term relationship.

Yet, even if both of you do not have any common interests, you still can make the relationship work. It is possible because we all have the power to make choices. You can choose to take interest in what your partner loves most.

Life is about making choices. Sometimes we make wrong choices, sometimes we make the correct choice. It’s all about facing the outcome of these choices we make responsibly. So if you are in a relationship which is not making you happy, it is because you have chosen to have it.

You still have a choice to change your decision now. Each one of us must learn that we do not own anything or anyone in this world. We cannot force someone to be with us or to love us. We do not have that rights but we do have the right to love someone without conditions.

How you love your partner will determines how your relationship with your partner will be. Think about what you really wanted out of the relationship in the first place. Your reasons to get into a relationship is the expectations you have on the relationship.

Loving someone with expectations is equal to saying, hey I love you, so you must do this or be like this. That is putting a condition. Some people will say, its alright to have expectations on love. We can expect the best in our life, but when it comes to love, we can’t expect anything from it.

Love is love. Nobody can direct or control love. If love loves us, than we are loved. If it doesn’t so it doesn’t. We should simply love. Love others for who and what they are by letting them be themselves and grow in their own ways as much as possible.

Don’t put rules, this is how love should be or shouldn’t be. Who are we to put rules on love when love is beyond any rules? People who truly understood love, are those who’s heart is close home to God. They are the true lovers. Are you?

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