Purpose Of Life

Purpose Of Life

It is staggering, but the fact is not many among us understand this; that the purpose of life experiences is to awaken us to our true identity – soul and until the day you realize and ‘discover yourself as soul’, live and function consciously from that state, your learning experiences in this world will not end.

One might ask why it has to be like this at all; why we have to be put into such tasks of learning something in this world.

If I say, you were not put here by someone or something else but you have chosen to be here by your own free will, can it satisfy your mind? Can you have peace of mind? No amount of answer can satisfy our thirst of an answer until we experience first hand and realize the truth about how we were before and how we came down to this lower world.

If we need such experience, we need to first ask ourselves, is it true we are soul and than ask, if I am soul, how do I experience this truth about myself? One thing we can do is to find out as much we can about soul for example through existing literatures written about ‘what is soul’. It can give us some idea about what soul is like but my experience also tells me, the idea we form in our mind about our identity or soul, through reading can be wrong.

Due to this reason, reading should be used only as guideline and not as final conclusion. Your conclusion should come from your personal experiences. Once you get some idea about what soul is like, you should take the task of finding out how to gain this soul-experience first hand. If you can find a book about experiencing soul, do try the techniques mentioned in it.

The shortcut or most direct way to discover the truth about ‘soul’ is through finding someone who have had experience in this field of study and learning from him. Often this person is known as the sat guru or the true teacher. The problem with this world is that it has too many teachers teaching too many things. It is important to be skeptical and learn to identify the real teacher among the many self proclaimed teachers of truth.

The true spiritual master is someone who has the ability to lift you out of your body and take you home to heaven and show you what is really happening there. Think about this, how many teachers who are there in this world, who are still alive now, who can do just exactly that? All these self proclaimed teachers themselves do not know or have had the realization of their own true identity. One must be careful and not be cheated by these false teachers.

However, there is no reason to loose hope, because there is one true teacher among the so many false teachers who will continue to come again and again to this world to help lift all those souls who are ready to start its journey back home to God and this statement will always be true because the mercy of God towards all souls in all planes of existence.

One might also ask, if there is such a true master, why I have not found him? My experience shows that all souls who are sincere will always find the true master in the end. The requirement to find the master exists in our ability to love life, humility and sincere yearning for the master to come. Why do you need the master anyway, to be used or to learn to uncover the truth? Most people are looking for someone to teach them some kind of special power so that they can use it. Do you know; when you are ready the master will appear? Perhaps, the master is already with us now, standing right in front of us now, it is just our ‘inability to see’ prevents us from seeing or recognizing his presence.

The reason so many of us cannot recognize the true master is because we are so full of opinion how truth should be, we never give ourselves a chance to learn something other than what we dearly believe to be true. If truth is what you believe, why don’t you have the truth? Why haven’t you experience the truth? So your belief about truth has to be right only to yourself and may not be the real truth. If you want to find the master, see him within you, he is there always.

Of course, all these may not mean anything to you but remember you are a soul. As long as you don’t know that you are a soul, as long as you don’t have conscious control of yourself, you will suffer again and again for millions of years. Do you want to suffer like that? It is a choice. You have a choice to decide to take control of yourself in this life. What you have to do in order to attain that is finding out what you can do in this life about it, be it through thinking, reading, following a guru or whatever it is, you have to do something to gain control of yourself unless you don’t mind millions of years of suffering. The choice is yours to ‘discover yourself as sou’ in this life and understand the purpose of life.

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