Problem Solving: What Will Love Do

Problem Solving: What Will Love Do

Do you have a problem? Well, it does not matter what problems you have; all problems can be solved. First, before you begin to look for a solution to your problems, get an understanding of ‘what is a problem’ and ‘its purpose in life’.

There are many ways to define problems. Whatever definition you give, the proper way to look at a problem is to consider it as a teacher telling us that there is something for us to learn.

In order to have such a thinking or acceptance, we need to realize that problems are the result of our lack of knowledge or understanding in something. If we have the knowledge or understanding to deal with such conditions or circumstances, will it be a problem?

If we look at a situation, feel or think of it as a problem, it only means we do not know the way to deal with it. That is the real problem, not knowing how to deal with it and that is exactly what we need to learn.

Since we do not know how to deal with problems, there is no one to be blamed. Even though we believe others are responsible for our problems, although it may be true, but if you know how to deal with it, you will just deal with the problem instead of blaming that person.

So when you are facing problems, stop pointing your fingers to someone else and look at your own self and ask, ‘what is it that I do not know that I have to face this situation?’ and ‘what is it that I am suppose to learn that this problem have come into my life?’ or simply ‘what is this problem telling me?’.

Why is it important for us to ask such questions in any situations? We ask such questions because we are here to learn something. If we are so perfect, we won’t be here in the first place. Instead, we will be in heaven. Since we are not perfect, and we are here, it’s evidence enough that we are here to learn something. Is it to learn about love?

Asking yourself questions like this whenever things go wrong or when you are facing problem can help you to calm down. You learn to relax instead of reacting and making fact decisions which may lead to unwanted outcome. Relaxation gives clarity of mind. When we are clear, we can make better decisions.

Another question we can ask our self is to consider what your religious leader will do if he were in exact situation as you are. For example, if you are a Christian, ask yourself, ‘what will Jesus do if he were in my position?’ or if you are a Muslim or a Buddhist, what will Mohamed or Buddha will do?

Surely, they have laid down some positive guideline to deal with any life problems. We just need to follow these ways but this method needs a true understanding of what these masters have really taught us in their teachings. So what have your religious path taught you? Did they teach you love?

My research clearly shows, all religion teaches us to love. If you want to solve your problems, ask yourself, ‘what will love do?’ and if you understand what love is all about and can follow the way of love in dealing with your problems, you will solve them easily. Of course, there are ways to love.

If you are angry because of your problem, ask, ‘What will love do?’ instead of reacting and jumping into conclusion. Love doesn’t propagate self hatred nor does it propagate resentment or hatred towards anyone or anything including your own conditions in life.

Do you know love? Why do you think the ancient one have said, ‘If you have love, you have everything?’ They have said it because it is absolutely true. Love is God, if you have God, wouldn’t you be able to solve all your problems? You ought to but how many of us really have God in our life?

You know better whether you have God in your life or not. Having God in our life is not just about thinking or praying to God. It is about really having the reality of God in our life as tangible as this life is to us. Is God tangible to you? God is visible, if you have the eyes to see and ears to hear, you can see and speak to God.

It is not something impossible. It is possible if you are sincere and willing to do some deep research in the science of soul. A verse from the bible crossing my mind now, ‘seek ye the kingdom of heaven first and all shall be added unto thee’, you know what this means, it means if you can realize your own divinity, you can solve all your problems.

Yet, we are busy with life. But that’s alright because eventually, we will end up seeking our divinity. Life experiences will push us towards that direction. That’s the purpose of life. It is here to take us back home to God. So there isn’t any necessity to reject any form of life experiences at all.

The question is how long you want to take to realize your own divinity. You have a choice to realize yourself in this life or this life after, or some other life. You can take as many lives as you want. The only difference is you may not get another chance to hear these words again for many lives.

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