Personal Action Plan

Personal Action Plan

There are two ways to achieve a goal, through a ‘personal action plan’ or through the path of surrender.

Some people tend to just think of what they want to achieve but never have any personal action plan. Their believe is that they will achieve it someday, that they just need to do whatever they can and leave the rest to God’s hand.

While this system of approach may sound acceptable, those who follow the path of surrender blindly will be more likely fail to achieve their goals.

That path belongs to the ordinary who believes everything will fall into places, and suddenly, they have their desired goals. It is more like a path of hopes and wishes.

There is nothing wrong with hoping and wishing but we need some kind of road map to follow, in order to reach the destination timely. It means having a well planned direction to take.

Remember, God helps those who help themselves.

Your personal action plan will determine how you are going to negotiate the rest of the way in achieving your goals. You can’t just think of your goals and go on doing whatever you are doing, wishing someday the dream will manifest.

In other word, you need to provide the condition for your goals to manifest in your life. Your personal action plan should be about providing these conditions which will eventually lead you towards your goals and bring the goals towards you.

At the right time, you will meet your goals and than you just have to embrace it.

If you haven’t got any personal action plan to achieve your goals, it is not too soon or too late to begin planning and drawing out a road map of how you are going to achieve your goals.

Begin with a clearly defining what you really want to achieve. What you want to achieve is your goals which will be desired outcome of your personal action plan.

Now that you know your goals, you need to draw out a direct direction towards it. This will cut you off from unwanted detours along the way. What will be the most direct way to achieve your goals? Is it within you ability? If you not, how are you going to achieve this ability which will lead you and your goals nearer?

Work out step by step things to do lists which will lead you surely towards your goals. If you need to achieve something by a certain period of time in order to achieve your ultimate goals, how long will it take? Define clearly the time frame each of your step by step actions.

Once you have drawn out your personal action plans, stick to it by implementing it. Many people who plans do fail in implementing it. So planning alone doesn’t guarantee you will achieve your goals. You need to do something about it. You need to do those things you have listed to do. Otherwise your plan will remain plans and dreams will remain dreams.

Finally, since life is about changes, we will never know what changes we will have to face. This is where we need to be able to adjust and accommodate our personal action plan according to what comes along in life. This is very important. Just because unexpected things happen, you should not give up on your plans.

Review personal action plan continuously and see how far you have come and adjust it accordingly and follow through the steps.

If you do whatever said so far, you will definitely achieve your goals. This is a guaranteed method. Remember, you need to put in actions that will definitely lead you to your goals.

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