Overcoming Failure

Overcoming Failure

So you have failed to achieve something you want to achieve. It’s alright. Try again. If not, be glad you have learned as much as you can and move on. Let go of the negative emotions that comes along with failure and try doing something else. Failure in something doesn’t mean your world has ended or it’s the end of the world.

In my personal life experience, I have learned that there will always be something to learn in a failure. That is why we fail in the first place. We fail to learn. In fact failure is a preparation for success that is coming. If you don’t learn this particular lesson, how are you going to be prepared to handle something that success may bring along? So reflect on the lessons you can learn from the failure and move on without regrets.

If you regret your mistakes and resolve not to repeat it again next time, that is alright, but the regret itself has no true value to it. Regretting about your failure cannot undo your failure. Just learn all the lessons you can from your failure and use it as a motivating factor to do better the next time you are presented with similar situation or task.

Although we cannot change the failure, there is a saying which says, “no problem is so great that it cannot be undone” which is true because the mercy of God towards all life makes this possible. It means your failure can be rectified, but you know some failures cannot be resolved unless through some kind of divine interventions.

For example, your friend was in a deep depression and he confided to you that he is going to commit suicide but you took his words for granted thinking he might be joking. However, your friend actually committed suicide. You may be regretting for taking your friends word for granted and feel failed to have done something to save your friends life.

This regrets makes you feel guilty and unhappy. You know you cannot bring back the death to life unless through a divine intervention. Some things you just can’t change. So why regret over a failure you can’t change? If you could do better, you probably would have done it but that was all you could do at that point in your life. The truth is we can only do as much as we can. You did what you could. So don’t regret over your failure.

You may not remember your childhood, but observe a child learning to walk. Notice how many times the child fall down before he can actually stand on his own feet and walk properly. Every time the child fall, he is actually failing to stand. Likewise, every failure we face in life is actually preparing us to become more independent and can handle and deal with life better.

So take it easy when you fail because it only means you are improving yourself through the lessons it brings. When you have learned your lessons, you will realize that you didn’t really fail because the ‘seemingly failing experience’ was actually there to teach you exactly what you need to learn at that particular time in your life. Ironically, just like the saying, ‘problem is a blessing in disguise’, failure too is actually a blessing in disguise.

I can accept failure, everyone fails at something. But I can’t accept not trying. – Michael Jordan

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