Out Of Body Experience

Out Of Body Experience

What is an out of body experience and how can I have it or experience it?

Out of body experience is the experience we have when one of our spiritual bodies be it the astral, causal, mental or soul body gets out of our physical body. The benefit of out of body experience is that you get to prove to yourself that you are more than just a body. You also get to prove to yourself that there are life beyond this physical reality.

Out of body experience is a safe practice. At the time of splitting, you might experience little pricking pain as if as if millions of needles being pierced on your body or it might be just a smooth joyful experience. It really depends on your level of preparation.

Out of body experiences are most commonly experienced during sleep in dream state. In fact, all of our nightly dreams are our experiences out of the body that we experience unconsciously and when we wake up we remember them as dreams.

If we can find a way to be awakened or be conscious in our dream state and realize that we are dreaming, we will realize that we are having out of body experiences in dream world. At that moment we can take full control of our universe.

It can be done simply by giving simple mental suggestions that you will wake up inside your dream and realize that you are dreaming. Say something like this at the center in between your eye brows before falling asleep: When I fall asleep and I am dreaming, I will become aware that I am dreaming.

Keep repeating that gently in a relaxed manner and just fall asleep naturally. Don’t worry if your mind wanders of somewhere. Gently bring it back to the forehead in between the eyebrow and repeat the sentence.

Keep doing this non stop for three thousand nights, I guarantee you will someday become aware of your dream and realize you are out of your body and have that out of body experiences and by the time you finish practicing for three thousand nights, you will be an expert out of body traveler.

In my own research and practice, I found this technique to work best for anyone unless if you have found a spiritual master who have initiated you in a special technique to leave the body at will.

There are many other ways to leave or have out of body experiences. If the dream method does not work for you, you can try repeating a certain mantra that will bring your brainwaves to as deep as during your sleep such as the theta waves and induce the out of body experiences. I cant give a special mantra for you as you need to find one that works for you but I recommend you to use the word “HU”.

The technique goes like this: find a quiet place where you will not be disturbed by any noise or human . Best would be a mildly cold yet warm enough and relaxing place. Sit comfortably on your coach or a normal chair, the key is being comfortable. Bring your attention to the center in between your eyebrow and keep your eyes closed and start chanting the word Huuuuuu…… in a long drawn out manner.

Sing to relax. Look into the dark screen in front of closed eyes. Keep repeating the word for about fifteen minutes and relax, wait and simply observe whats going on in the black screen in front of you. Do this everyday for forty eight days and see what happens. You will have some spiritual experiences.

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