Nobody Cares If You Fail

Nobody Cares If You Fail

I used think that if I failed at something, I would be left walking around with a big, red F stamped my forehead. Everybody would be whispering behind my back, and I had be the laughing stock of the city.

But the first time a business of mine failed, I found most people didn’t really care. Even my family stopped talking about it after a relatively short period of time. This taught me that most people are so wrapped up in their own lives, they really don’t have time to worry about anyone else trial and tribulations. There’s no room left on their emotional disk for much less than what they are struggling with each day.

Friends and acquaintances offered their condolences and asked sympathetic questions, listened for a few minutes, and even offered advice (even though many had never taken a business risk in their lives). Much to my amazement, I found that their interest passed quickly and the subject never came up again. If anything, they were interested and even eager to hear about my next business venture. I think they felt that at least I was having some fun trying something new, while they plodded along with their own boring jobs.

So why stop yourself from doing what you really want to do in life? Because you are afraid of what others might think or say if you fail? Guess what? The truth is they don’t really care.

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