Momentary Happiness

Momentary Happiness

Happiness is a momentary balance. When everything in our life is going smoothly and is well balanced we have happiness. When we are faced with conflicts and challenges, we are unhappy. We cannot find permanent happiness in this world because of the dual nature of this world. Happiness and sadness must co-exist. Sometimes we are happy, sometimes we are not. Life is a cycle. It is an ongoing process. Like there is a day and night, so there will always be happiness and sadness, co-existing together.

So remember, if you are not happy today, the law of nature suggest, it will end soon. Have patience in the meantime. You can endure pain through love. When you are sad or feeling pain, spend time with those who needs more love than you do. For example, go to the orphanage home or the old folks home, and spend time there. Give your time to make them happy. When you give happiness to others like this, happiness is bound to come back to you. This is the universal law of life. What you give you get back. So start giving love and happiness today for it to come back to you.

Be happy for this moment. This moment is your life. – Omar Khayyam

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  1. Well said, and also thank you for joining my list, as for going to a old folks home or orphanage home, I agree entirely, but I wonder how to find the homes that need our help more, the lesser know ones where no assistance go to?

  2. What you’ve said is true. Given the amount of attention people are giving, urban orphanage homes are very well taken care. However, what’s more important is giving our love and time to be with them.

    We can just choose to go anywhere, not necessarily an orphanage or old folks home, we can give our selfless service to just about anyone. The point is, we are doing something selfless. It even can be within our own family, friends or even to the animals.

    I found, being close with animals such as our pets, is one sure way to relieve stress or grief is through feeding them. Try to go to some parks where you can find some birds or fish in the ponds, and try feeding them. See what happens to your life when you start giving back to life in this way.

    No matter where we are or with whom we are, when our attitude is of serving nature; selfless and humble, we will be loved.

  3. “Law of nature – when you give you should receive, eh?”

    Seems like karma and at the same time like the law of universe in “The Secret”…

    Good advice, thanks!

  4. This is very true nature of advices . Things come and will go off eventually, we really have to appreciate every moments and sec ,with love one and spend every moment without quit when we hit waves or problem. Remember, no matter how tough the problem are just do not give up love one easily. Every problem has a solution and answer to all the question in mind.

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