Mistakes Equals Wrong Point Of Views

Mistakes Equals Wrong Point Of Views

A wrong is a wrong. There is no two ways about it. If you know something or anything that you are doing will slow down your or others progress in life, why would you want to do it? Why do people do all the wrong things anyway even though they know it is wrong? Maybe because they think they can get away with it or maybe because they are not having the correct viewpoints.

If you think you can get away with whatever mistakes you’ve done, you are wrong. We can’t get away because whatever we do belongs to us. Can you say your actions are not your actions? What goes around comes around. It’s the law of cause and effect – as you sow so shall you reap. What you give you get back. If you have injured the heart of someone, you will get back the exact experience.

Maybe you won’t face the exact situation, but there will be a situation which will show you the mental torments and emotional toils you caused others through your deeds. Until we learn to function the way we are suppose to function in life, we will go round and round again through many cycles of life until the lesson is learned. Each thoughts, words and actions must be carefully selected in order to not to create unwanted reactions.

Wow! Ok, maybe that sounds as if trying to become a perfectionist, but that’s the point. We are trying to get to near perfection as much we can or to be Godlike. That’s the purpose of life experiences. The truth is we as soul is Godlike. We just have not realized that truth. Contemplate deeply on this phrase from the bible – men are made in the image of God. Can you see the God-ness in us?

Anyway, if you have made mistakes in the past, you shouldn’t blame yourself for the mistake you have made. If you blame yourself, do you think you can solve the problem or take away your suffering? You cannot. What you should do is to repent and not to repeat the mistake again. Once you learn your lesson from your mistake, it means you have expanded your viewpoints.

My experience shows that problems can only be solved by correcting our own point of views because when you have correct point of view, you will not have problems, because you cannot see problems, because you see problems as opportunities, as a gift to put your creativity at work. Think about this too: if you can view something from all angles will you have any problems?

We need to have 360 degree viewpoints. That’s a total viewpoint and only God has that capacity. Since soul is Godlike, it too has that capacity. This is what we are trying to reach in life. We are trying to get that 360 degree viewpoint so we can understand what’s really happening. If you want to have that viewpoint, you have to realize yourself as soul and look at everything from the eyes of the soul – the real you.

When we learn to expand even a little more of our current viewpoints in life, we can know a little more about why life is the way it is and we will be able to handle them better. We will be able to make wise decisions. When we know what to decide, we can choose to the type of situation we want to experience in our life. With this wisdom we can enhance or speedup our own progress in life. Remember, mistakes equals wrong point of views. Focus on expanding your viewpoint. Think deeply.

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