Miracles Can Happen

Miracles Can Happen

Do you believe in miracles? Do you believe that when you are sincere and genuine in your heart, miracles can happen? Do you believe that when you sincerely want to rectify a mistake miracles can happen to help you do that? Let me show you how this works from my own experience in life. About fifteen years ago I was doing a MLM business with a close friend. I had known him since secondary school. We were both young, only nineteen years of age but we were doing the business full time.

In the business, he was my downline. If you have done any sort of MLM you know what is a downline and a upline is. Downline means someone who comes under your leadership while upline is someone who is above you who acts as your leader. One day, my friend took me to meet a prospect whom I was suppose to close for him (my friend). It wasn’t hard to close him so I managed to get him to sign up. During the signing time, that I made the mistake. The mistake: I signed him directly under me instead of putting him under my friend.

I am not going to tell you that I was just nineteen years of old that time and I was too young to decide what is wrong and right. The fact is, a wrong is a wrong and there is no denying about it. The prospect was his, and as his upline or leader, I should have placed the prospect under his name, but I was greedy. What else can it be? It was very unkind to my friend. Of course my friend didn’t say anything, but I am sure he have felt betrayed. I was his friend.

Somehow, somethings happened, we both found our own ways in life. The business didn’t work out for both of us. I moved to PJ and he stayed in Cheras. We both were caught up with our own life issues and soon we lost contact with each other. Since then I have completely forgotten about it until recently when I started to think back about all those things I have done in the past. I knew I made the mistake but it was all done and over, we can’t change the past. I knew I can’t change it but I wanted to apologize to my friend anyway.

Yet, how will I meet him? I don’t have his contact number at all. The last time I went to his house, I left my phone number with his parents but he never called me back. I guessed he didn’t want to speak to me or maybe he was busy with his own life. In my heart, I wanted to meet him badly and you know, if you are genuine in your heart, miracles can happen and the way I met him to apologize to him, was indeed a miracle. About two months ago, another friend of mine had a problem where he needed my help urgently to follow him to solve something.

The problem was so serious that if I get involve I’d probably end up creating problem for myself too. I had to make a decision immediately when he called me up for the help. After thinking for awhile and having faith in God, I agreed to follow him. Guess what? After solving his problem while we were about to leave the place, I bumped into this old friend of mine. What a miracle. Had I decided not to help this friend, I wouldn’t have met my old friend.

You see… that’s how God arranges circumstances for you if you are genuine in your heart. It was my willingness to face the trouble to help someone turned to be a blessing in disguise. We exchanged our telephone numbers. I still had a lot of things to do that I couldn’t call him back to meet him immediately, but recently we met up and I took the chance to remind him of the incident and apologized to him personally. Well, I felt better. The thing is, he was alright about it. In fact, he is introducing me to someone who can help me to become a trainer in the National Service. Something that I have been wanting to do to strengthen my portfolio. Another miracle.

Maybe all this sounds just like coincident, but for me it’s a miracle. All these happened because I reflected on my past, realized the mistake I made and genuinely wanted to rectify the mistake. Can you see how a simple act of being sincere can lead to solve your problems? No matter what is your mistakes or problems, if you are sincere, somehow, life will lead you and put you in conditions where you will be able to resolve it.

Take sometime to reflect back on your own past. It’s good to do this occasionally. The benefit is that you will realize some of the mistakes you have done in the past which can give you an understanding of what you should have really done or shouldn’t have done. That’s one way to learn. When we know what we shouldn’t do, we know what to do.

Reflecting on your past also gives you a chance to re-evaluate your own directions in life; of what you should really be doing now in your life. It shows us how far we have come along in our life. We reflect, we learn and we move forward of course. We should not let the past control and direct our life. We shouldn’t be caught up with the past. After all, we can’t change the past, but we can rectify some of the mistakes we’ve made if we are genuine about it and miracles can happen along the way because of that sincerity.

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