Making Life Easier For Others

Making Life Easier For Others

Sometime back, I decided to go out and observe people and see what I can learn from them. I wanted to prove to myself that if we observe people with the right frame of mind, we can learn a lot of things about life.

I took a walk to a KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) not far from my house to start my experiment. Silly as it may sound, but if you are working as a researcher, you will do all sort of funny things just to get true information out of people.

I picked KFC because I thought it will be easier if I could just sit at one corner inside the KFC and just observe and listen to what people are doing without making them aware of my secret experiment.

Anyway, when I reached the KFC, I went to an empty counter and waited for a waitress to come and serve me. A girl came and asked me to move to the next counter as that particular counter was closed.
So I moved on.

At the counter, a different girl came to me and asked, “Can I help you, sir?”

“I would have strawberry float please”, I requested.

She asked me if that was all I wanted and after my confirmation she took a paper cup to fill my drinks.

Observing her, I realized she was making a different drink for me and I knew that was not what I asked for.

I reminded her that I wanted a strawberry float. She got upset and replied, “but you didn’t tell” as if wanted to argue with me.

I replied, “I did just now”. I was about to get angry when it dawned on me that I was there to observe people and learn something. This made me to relax. Did I learn anything? I sure did. Read further.

She reluctantly started to look for something. I knew it was a key. Normally when the have this punch in error and have to change the order, they have to open this cashing machine at the counter and do something with it.

She took a key from another waitress beside her and was about to open the cashing machine, I had a flash in my mind to just stick to what she have keyed in. You see, I believe everything happens for a reason.

“Excuse me. Never mind. You don’t have to trouble yourself. I will just have that drink”, I said to her and stopped her from changing the order.

A light smile came on her face as if she were feeling relieved of something.

“Okay”, she replied in a slow but humble voice and just made the drink for me.

After the transaction was over, when I was about to leave, she said “Sorry about that”.

That seems like just another ordinary incident which can happen anywhere and it could happen to anyone. That’s quite true, but I didn’t see it that way.

I saw something deeper on that day. I saw what really took place. I relaxed and made a conscious choice to make life easier for someone else.

When I did that, I had let the flow of love to take control of the event instead of letting anger taking control. I made it easy for someone else so we do not hurt each other and create unnecessary resentments.

I managed to relax because I had the realization that I don’t have to convince her about what I said (the order). When we try to convince others, we are really trying to convince ourselves. Truth does not need any defense. If you have truth, you have God. God is Truth. Does God need defense? Only human beings opinion needs one.

Everywhere we go, we expect life to serve us, but do we realize that we are here to serve life? We ask life to be like this and that, but how do we treat life? Do you know that to love is more important than being right? In fact, we don’t have to even speak of love because when we are being love, others will know.

We need to learn the principles of love as a spiritual master have said once, “The individual who can live the principle of love in their life and let others be are living example of the highest truth”.

So, are you the loving kind? Which kind are you? Be the loving kind by making someone’s life a little easier today.

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