Making Decisions

Making Decisions

How important is making a decision and doing something now?

A few years back, I had to help a friend to open his shop. Trusting me, he passed the main door key to me but I forgot totally about returning the key to him the next day. The key was in my hand for a week.

Later I found out, he didn’t asked me back the key because he was busy and he had an extra key. A week later he called me and asked me to return the key the next morning.

In order to avoid problems like forgetting the key, he asked me to put the key in the pants I am going to use the next day to work.

I learned an important lesson on that day that we have to do something NOW in order to AVOID problems for the next day. If we do something correctly now, we don’t have to worry about what will happen tomorrow.

What it means is that even though we are facing unknown future (seeing it from the human level of consciousness), we can always determine the probable future by doing something now. Everything we do now affect the next moment.

So it is very important to make a decision now and doing something about it.

Today was the future of yesterday, and you are here today because of the decisions and actions you made yesterday. Therefore you are exactly where you are meant to be because you have chosen to be there.

So it’s about making a decision wisely. We are making decisions every moment of our life. It is good if you know your goals or aims in life before making the decisions. This will allow you to determine a direction towards the goals you want to achieve.

Think about what you want out of your life, and make a wise decision and take relevant actions now, everything else will fall into place according to it.

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