Living A Highly Energized And Stress Free Life

Living A Highly Energized And Stress Free Life

I have been feeling really run down lately. Well, I do eat properly and sleep well and yet I feel tired and I have figured out exactly why I am tired. It is because I think a lot. Yes, I do. I am thinker. I love thinking. If you are thinking a lot too, don’t worry, it is something normal. It only means we are looking for some solutions. If someone calls you weird or nuts and try give you their version of good life advice on thinking too much, know that, it is actually they are being weird for not using their mind to the its fullest potential.

On the other hand, maybe I am tired because I just came out of an gallbladder stone operation a few days ago. Anyway, thinking does strain your energy. Have you ever thought about that? Well it does, but I wonder if thinking drains up more energy than any other activities we do. I haven’t research on that yet. When I do, I will write a good life advice about it here.

Now back to this tiredness we are experiencing. Do you feel tired often too? For some of you, it might be because of the jobs, household works or the kids you are handling. I know, they surely take away a lot of our emotional and physical energy. When overdone, they can become a definite stressor (stuffs that produces stress) but don’t worry, there are things you can do to increase your energy level and get rid of your stress.

When I am tired, mostly I take a short nap. Well, I can do that because I work from home. Yes, that’s one of the benefit of being self employed and working from home. (That’s a good piece of life advice. Consider working from home, if you want more time for yourself.). Sleeping is the best way to get energized and if you are married, it will be even better if you can get your partner to gently massage you to sleep. It relaxes the muscles and after you wake up from the sleep, you will feel good and highly refreshed.

Talking about feeling refreshed, sometimes tiredness can be caused by lack of water in our body. It does sometimes, specially for those of you who are working under the sun. Dehydration can be life threatening. Drinking plenty of water increases our energy level. So drink plenty of water. You might want to try fresh lemonade. Oh yes, I do drink a lot of fresh lemon juice. It feels good every time I drink it and for some reason, after drinking it, I feel very relaxed. You can try it. By the way, did you know that lemon juice can burn your fat too?

If you can’t do that too, well, maybe you can listen to some good soothing music while do your chores or work. What does listening to slow music do to reduce our stress and increase energy level? It lowers your brainwaves into a relaxed state and as such it takes away stress. I usually listen to slow sounds of nature like waterfall and seaside sounds. Maybe you can get these type of sounds of nature and listen to them while doing your work. They are really relaxing and can increase your energy level and reduce your work stress too.

There is one more thing that helps me to feel relaxed and energized at home. I lit up perfumed incenses. I don’t know if bad smells can decrease energy level but I do know it can cause stress. Keeping your house or home clean with good ventilation added with good fragrance is very important. If you can’t get perfumed incenses, you can get essential oil of plants. It is also known as aromatherapy. It certainly reduces stress and improves mental well being.

These are some of the things helping me to balance my energy level while I am at home. Try to find ways to use them according to your circumstances. Of all the things I have said here, the best I found is sleeping. Yes, sleeping is the best method to get yourself fully relaxed and increasing your energy level. There is a spiritual reason for this. While you are sleeping, you are actually charging your spiritual body which sustains this physical body. So the best life advice to increase your energy level is to get plenty of sleep whenever possible.

Being in control of your life and having realistic expectations about your day-to-day challenges are the keys to stress management, which is perhaps the most important ingredient to living a happy, healthy and rewarding life.
– Marilu Henner

2 thoughts on “Living A Highly Energized And Stress Free Life

  1. I am thinker too, I like to think a lot, I think about my job my family, my friends. My Friends always advise me stop to think so much they say it will be crazy one days ..haha.

    For me thinking can help us to improve ourself, thinking also can let us solve our life problem with easy and layout.
    But it think too much will bring the bad points also like sometimes I cannot sleep very well or cannot concentrate with my job.

    Thanks for sharing to us the way to increase our energy level and get rid of stress. Like to take a short nap and listen soothing music really is a good suggestion. But for myself I like to singing to relax and decrease stress. I will choose some preferred song to sing at the same time i will jumping .It really useful for me to relax. I hope every one can use the good way. to get rid of stress and let yourself be powerful to face your life.
    Thanks for sharing.

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