Life Is Full Of Uncertainties

Life Is Full Of Uncertainties

There will come a time in our life, after so many painful experiences, we realize that we need to change. We will realize that the way we have been living our life has not been right. We will realize that we have fallen a long way down instead of being where we are suppose to be both materially and spiritually.

Yet, when the time comes, at the moment of such a realization, we will feel lost. We feel such because we have done too many wrong things that our life has become a complete mess and we do not know what to do. When we experience such a situation of feeling of lost, what do we do? My reflection and observation, shows one thing to be true.

Anytime we are faced with doubts or uncertainties, it is because we are not aware of the solution available at hand. Life has taught me this truth again and again. Whenever I have problems, I often notice the solution once the solution to solve the problem had passed by me. Meaning, the solution was right in front of the eyes but I wasn’t able to see it and because of my lack of awareness I miss the opportunity to use it.

When I no longer can use the solution, I usually become aware of it. I have to find a different solution now, but it showed me the truth, the solution is already there always in front of us. It was because of my lack of awareness that made me unable to see the solution. Now, who is to blame? No one is to be blamed but myself of course. So it is with you.

It is all about raising our awareness. We must become aware of the gift and guidance from God which is already there. Do you know that God is so great that before even you ask for something, whatever you need has been given to you? This is what I have realized. Asking for help from God is alright, but the awareness that God is aware of every single thought within us is more important.

When you know that God knows, you will learn to surrender to God your life. It does not mean you neglect your responsibility. It only means you know there is always a way out no matter what is your condition in life. Thus, you continue to do what is necessary and deal with your situation using your creativity to the best of your ability in complete faith in God.

We know through experience that nothing stays the same forever in this universe. We develop patience and endurance and we persist through all the ordeal this life brings for one day, sooner or later, all these unwanted conditions in our life is bound to change too inevitably.

It is a law of life none can change and so we don’t fear. We will ride this storm of life, boldly, daringly and adventurously, learning one step at a time, and move forward.

Uncertainty and expectation are the joys of life. Security is an insipid thing. – William Congreve

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