Life Advice: Things I Have Learned In Life

Life Advice: Things I Have Learned In Life

When I look back at all the life experiences I went through, it feels like as if it all has happened Just not too long ago. Just like that, the time has passed by me. Maybe you have looked back at your own life and have wondered too. Ah… how time flies so fast. Fast isn’t it? Looking back to those years, how we came through it all to who we are today, and if we sit down, reflect all those memories for awhile and ask ourself, if we have learned anything at all through all those years, I am pretty sure we can come up with a list of things we learned.

Here are some of the lessons I’ve learned thus far in my life:

  1. No one can live without love. Everyone is seeking to love and be loved. Life without love can be the most painful life experience and loneliness is the direct result of lack of love no matter how we try to prove it otherwise, this the fact. The cure for loneliness is love. I learned this going through few break ups and knowing this through real experience, I learned we should give out our unconditional love to others. It eases their pain, and when we see others happy, we will and are bound to become happy. So giving love to others is very important.

  2. We don’t really own anything or anyone. No one belongs to anyone nor do we belong to anyone. Our life is ours and likewise, other’s life is theirs. Ultimately, this means, we only have ourself for ourself and it is we who are responsible for all the state of affairs we experience in life at any given moment in time. Only we can change our life. No matter how many self improvement books or motivational discourses we take up, if we don’t decide and change ourself, nothing will happen. We are personally responsible for every aspect of our growth. Knowing this, I learned, I should not complain about the misfortune of my life and stopped complaining and started to improve my life.

  3. I have seen real miracles in my life and proved to myself that God exist and God does gives a helping hand in times of need. Miracle is not the thing of the past. Miracles like those that was mentioned in the bible do and still happens today. This proved to me the existence of a higher power. Looking back at what made me to receive those blessings, I realized it was because of one’s capacity to let others be and surrender to God, miracle will happen but first we have to do all our best. There is no free food in life. Everything must be earned through true coin.

  4. I also learned that there is such a thing as life after death through out of body experiences. This proved to me, that I am more than this body, that I am a non material beings. Through this experience, I realized there are more to life than what we commonly see. This made me to think deeply about all the struggles in this life, is it worth the trouble? I understood why Jesus said, “seek ye the kingdom of heaven first, and all shall be added unto thee”. There is no point seeking something not lasting. I have learned, might as well, I put all my attention in discovering something permanent and lasting.

Now, think about your own life. What have you learned? Can you come up with a list? Write them down and reflect on what they mean to you. It doesn’t matter how much we have learned. Even if we have learned only one thing in life. That is really great. The most important point is are we applying those life principles we learned through the hard knocks of life? This is the most important factor of any learning process. There is no point in learning if we are unable to apply it. The whole idea of learning be it through formal educational institutions or informal experiential learning, is to be able to use what we learned.

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