Life Advice: The Meaning Of Life

Life Advice: The Meaning Of Life

If someone ask me what is the meaning of life, I would say there is no specific meaning to it accept for what we give it. This opinion or concept we carry about life is usually based on our individual life experience. As we go and experience and discover more and more the principles of life, accordingly our definitions will change. Thus, the definition will only be meaningful to us because others are experiencing life differently in their own unique ways. Two person or more may have a similar belief about life or may not. It depends to the similarity found in life experiences.

As for me, what is more important than finding the meaning of life, is the preservation of my being (self / identity). I exist. You exist. We all exist. Now, if we never exist, such a question on the meaning of life would not have come into existence. So what matters is our existence. This is important to me. My existence and the successful continuation of my being. I must continue to exist. Oh well, think about it, what is the use of all the metaphysical or philosophical arguments, theories or hypothesis if none of it can save us from dying? Thus, I emphasize one’s survival after death. Is it possible? Is there life after that? In my life experience I have found some definite answers to this. Yet the answer I found may not be useful for you or others, if you define life other than the way I look at it.

If we want to understand more about life, one of the important attitude we should adopt is the learning attitude. The prime principle of learning attitude is willingness to review one’s own viewpoints. As a matter of fact, in order to grow into having better viewpoints on life, we need to constantly review our own concepts. Redefining it to a better one. Yet very few involve themselves in this kind of thinking. It is also known as thinking on thinking. We think on the way we are thinking; reflecting upon the pros and cons of our current thinking. We involve in deep contemplations and break ourself from limiting viewpoints. This will help us understand ourself better. Often, it is our own attitude that prevents us from finding solutions to the problems we have.

This article is not written with the intention to change your thinking but to let you make up your own mind after reading it on what is more important in life. Like I said, for me, what’s more important is my survival after death. Yet the hard reality or phenomena of life is that people are more involved in search of material stability. They are depending on material things for giving them security. There is nothing wrong in this yet what they forget is that this things are instable. They change. Do you know, something that change cannot give you lasting security? You can’t rely on something that change forever.

Think about it. Sooner or later you have to come to term with the hard fact of life that you will die as much as me or someone else. Do you think all your struggle to achieve something materially is worth the effort for what is the use of gaining possession of the whole world if in the end you are going to loose it? Jesus was right in this and so did other great saints who have reminded again and again, to ‘seek ye the kingdom of heaven first and all shall be added unto thee..’ but who does that? Everywhere we go, what we hear (although they don’t say it out), ‘show me the money’. Here is a principle you can use to make money. Provide people with something valuable. People will pay for it if they need it. You don’t have to write them a persuasive sales letter.

Today, a friend called, telling me about her grandfather who has been hospitalized for cancer. It seems he is yelling in pain in the ward due to the cancer having spread all over his lungs and the doctors have given his approximate time to leave this world. Although doctors have given him the painkiller it couldn’t stop the pain. They had to put him into unconsciousness to stop his pain. Had he taken care of his life and done what really matters (preparing himself) he would not have to suffer like this at his dying time. This kind of stories are reminders for me. I hope it will be for you too.

The point I am getting across to you is, you can be rich or poor, you may have all the things in the world just like this dying old man, but what use is it doing for him at this time when death is calling him? Nothing. You see, the wealth cannot prevent death. Nothing can. Yet if you have learned the way to die, wouldn’t it be easier for you to translate to the other world? Now, you may be a free thinker or an atheist,or from any religious background, it doesn’t matter to me. I assure you from personal life experience there is such a thing as life after death. This is coming from a person who have had first hand experience on life the other side.

The ancient spiritual masters have laid out many ways to learn this, but very few really understood what they have taught. The reason being, men is so caught up in his own opinion and agendas of how things should be or it is. Men are trapped in his own opinionated life. There is no truth in opinions. If you look at the dictionary it would say, ‘a personal belief or judgment that is not founded on proof or certainty’. There is only truth in experience. If you have experienced it, you will know it. If you want to understand life better, look again inside your own mind, re-evaluate your own thinking process and ask yourself, if all the opinions you carry in your mind is true, why aren’t you satisfied with life? If what you belief is the truth, than why have not you experience the ultimate reality? Simply because your opinions are just hypothetical. They are not real. If you want to know the real, you need to experience it. The proof of pudding is in eating it. You need to eat and taste it.

It is not hard to know the truth as the many thinks. The truth is, we are not letting go of our own opinions and set ourself free. Do you know, the number one factor ruining our life is our own opinions? Ironically, everyone is being moved about by their opinions. Frankly, there is nothing wrong in having opinions, but how did you gained that opinion? That’s what matters. Did you adopt that opinion by listening to others or reading about it or from life experience? The open hearted and the open minded are more likely be closer to truth than the popular opinionated person. If you have an open heart and willing to explore new ideas, you might just end up discovering the truth of life. That’s the key. Having an open mind and open heart.

So why don’t you try it? After all what have you got to loose? Nothing. The Internet has been one of the greatest gift of evolution. It has created a massive store rooms of informations. There are so much informations on how to survive death. Take some time and do some research when you are free. It does not matter what’s your age. You can be 10, 16 or 60, for time waits for no man. Once in a dream, my spiritual guide shared a sentence, ‘if you wait until you die, it would be too late..’ Are you going to wait until you die? Think about it. Your life is in your hand. Make the best use of it and learn something that really matters.

Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself. – George Bernard Shaw

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