Life Advice: The Key To True Happiness

Life Advice: The Key To True Happiness

There are many definitions of happiness. Sometimes said to be the state of well-being characterized by emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy. Whatever the definition is, we all want to be happy. It is one of the greatest thirst of human beings.

Usually, something is making us happy. When this something is taken away from us, we are unhappy or sad. Ask yourself, what makes you happy? What if that thing is suddenly taken away from you? How will you feel? Can you still be happy?

Let’s use an analogy to understand further that point. Let’s say you love someone so much. Suddenly this person passes away. Suddenly all the love that you have been receiving has gone away. Would you still be happy? If you answered no, it means you are dependent to that person or thing to be happy.

It proves that happiness through dependency cannot be lasting and yet, when we are independent, it is so hard to be happy too because we find ourself to be lonely. If happiness cannot be found through depending to someone or something as well as when we are independent of dependency, why at all should we seek happiness?

We should not seek happiness. As long as we seek happiness, we will never be happy. This is because happiness is not something apart from us. We are happiness itself. Happiness is a quality of soul. You are a soul and you already have happiness, that is why when you are seeking happiness through something it doesn’t last. What we need to do is realize this inherent happiness within us and manifest it more in our daily life. That is the key to finding true happiness. When you find it, you will always be happy.

Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions. – Dalai Lama

10 thoughts on “Life Advice: The Key To True Happiness

  1. Thanks for the live advice, Kathiroly Raj . Your words make it truthful and really enlighten me ,and i have sent it to my love one who separation with me. I realized the meaning of life and love in this world and i hope she’ll understand the meaning soon. God bless.

    Thanks for your time and words.

  2. I hope more people can realize that in essence they are soul and as soul they have all the creative qualities of God because soul is made in the image of God.

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