Life Advice: Life Experience Meant To Teach Us Something

Life Advice: Life Experience Meant To Teach Us Something

You will never know is free verse poem I wrote some years ago dedicated to all those who are suffering in the war torn countries. The very first verse shows clearly what most of us do in our real life. We watch them on our television set through news and feel pity for them. The question I raise in the poem is if we can understand their sufferings. Do we really understand them?

Through my life experiences, I learned one thing: the best learning method are experiential learning. So, if we truly want to understand their miseries, we should be in similar situations. I am not saying we must deliberately put ourself in such conditions but it is life experience which makes us able understand the exact feeling others are experiencing. Until we go through the experiences, we will only be trying to understand other’s suffering. Remember those words, “we will be trying to understand”. Trying to understand and understand is a two different things altogether.

When experience such pain in life, we will become much more compassionate towards others. So pain do play a vital role in helping us become a better and loving person. If you are experiencing pain or suffering, look at the bright side of things. The bright side is, the problem you are experiencing are there to teach you something. There is a lovely phrase for this known as, “God waits for us in our problem”. What it simply means is that, God is trying to teach us something through the problems or pain we are experiencing. There is a lesson to be learned.

We just need to open up our mind and look for the answer in it. Yes, every problem already contains within it, the solutions. We are not able to see the solution because we are caught up with how the solutions should be. Isn’t it a common fact, when we have problems we always tell ourself, “oh this is why this is happening” and we jump to conclusion? Often closing ourself from finding the real solution, ending up only to increase the problem. It is vital to look beyond the surface of appearances.

Asking yourself why the problem is occurring is the correct step but why do we always point our fingers toward others when something goes wrong? Life experience taught me, it is we who are responsible for every condition of life we experience. It is all based on the decisions and actions we have taken. It is all the manifestation of our own thoughts and feelings. So finding solution to your suffering means, looking within yourself, and asking yourself, “where am I doing wrong?” usually it is because we are breaking a certain spiritual law.

Think about it.

You can’t go into new life experiences without the understanding that yeah, you may fail, but knowing you might fail can’t stop you from trying. – Alice Dreger

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