Lessons Learned In Life

Lessons Learned In Life

When we are born here, we are born according to our past life karma. Like it or not, we have to accept this karmic condition we are born into because it is the perfect condition for our spiritual learning experience. We are here to learn something.

Sometime we tend to believe our schooling ends when we are done with our formal educational system. The fact is learning never ends. Life itself is a school where we are to learn something of spiritual nature – about who we truly are.

Until we learn all these lessons, the schooling never ends. We will go through it again and again until we learn all about what we are to learn. Growth in life is based on learning. Each mistake is like trial and error experiments. Each time we make mistakes, we learn what works and what doesn’t.

Ultimately, all mistakes appear as blessings in disguise. All of the pain, problems and suffering we go through are here to teach us something. The pain and problems will continue in repeated cycle until we learn the lessons in it.

Yet, even after learning about the pains and problems and being able to handle them, life presents us with different puzzle to solve. The learning in life never ends. No one has learned everything about life in one lifetime. We learn a little at a time in each of our life time, until finally one day, in a life, we are able to solve the entire mystery of life itself.

If you ask me, one of the greatest lessons one can learn in life is that, whatever we experience in life, we are the one responsible for it. All of our life experiences will lead us to discover that in the end, we are responsible for our personal conditions or in other word, our state of consciousness.

Life also will lead us to realize that if we ask a question inside, the answer can only be found inside. Each time you wonder about something, know that the answer lies not outside but within you. The sum total secrets of life lies inside of you and you will realize this when you discover your own identity – soul, the creative spark of God.

Even after we discover who we truly are, the most difficult part of living is living in humility. If of all the things you learned, you are able to be truly humble, to be truly graceful, you are surely someone special. Yes, humility is where it all ends, and yet, it will only be the beginning of a life ever new.

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