Know How To Achieve Your Goals

Know How To Achieve Your Goals

It is said that through continues persistence you can change almost anything. That means, if you have failed in achieving your goals in life, if you keep trying, someday you will achieve your goals.

Is it true? Can persistence really help us achieve our goals?

I do believe persistence can help us achieve our goals however I also believe that whatever we persist on achieving should be something worthy our effort.

So many people tend to persist or pursue a goal that is not worthy achieving which in the end will only disappoint them such as, in the case of a lover who is persisting on having someone who doesn’t love him or her.

What is the point of persisting on something or someone not belong to us? The end result would be based on force instead of love.

I look at persistence as being forceful. I wonder if we really need to force ourselves to achieve something. Perhaps it is the only method suitable for some people to achieve their goals.

Personally, I prefer doing whatever I am suppose to do to achieve my goals and let go and let God take care of the rests.

I believe there is a process in everything. We just need to discover this process and apply it and let the result happen. When I say process, I mean principles or laws of how something works.

For example, if you need to drive a car, you have to know how to drive a car. Knowing how to drive is not enough, you need to get into the car, start the engine and press the accelerator to make the car move. Until you do this, the car won’t move.

Think about it. If you have done everything correctly how can things go wrong? The reason for failure or not achieving our goals is the direct result of not knowing how things or stuff works.

Thus the key to achieving what you want relies on knowing the law of how something works. So find out how is it possible to achieve your goals and just implement it and let the result happen.

These things are like mathematical formula. You just need to know the formula or the process.

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