Is Abortion Right Or Wrong?

Is Abortion Right Or Wrong?

Whether you believe abortion is right or wrong it is entirely up to you. Personally I believe that every women has the right to choose when it comes to abortion. She should be given the choice to decide whether to abortion or not.

Whatever the argument is, the soul isn’t stupid to enter the womb of a women who is going to give an abortion but prior to birth, if the soul does chooses to enter a body which is going to be aborted, it choose to enter such body because it needs such experience to learn something. Thus it is not wrong to have an abortion.

Not many people will believe in this but that is okay. When you die, and you go to the afterlife, you can see for yourself, that soul is really making conscious choices in entering the human body. Like the way we choose here, they too, are choosing each birth according to their karmic conditions.

Ok here is a question, if the soul prior to entering the womb of a women, knows, that the fetus is going to be aborted, why must the soul enter it in the first place? The soul enters only if the experience is necessary for it. Otherwise it will not enter.

Let’s say, the soul already entered the womb during pregnancy, and the women does an abortion, what this means is that the soul have chosen to die in abortion such a way because it needs such experience to learn some kind of spiritual lessons. If not it will not entered it.

So when a women is giving an abortion, she is not killing a life, rather the soul have chosen such an experience for itself. Still, one will ask why must the women choose to abortion? The women choose such a decision because it is needed for her to learn something. It is needed for her to decide such a way. Abortion is right or wrong, eventually everyone involved will learn something.

The idea is simple, life is based on experience and learning something out of it. Abortion or not abortion, there is something to learn here. What is it? Simply, every experience in life we are going through are self made choices made manifested.

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