Invest In Yourself

Invest In Yourself

It amazes me that people give so much money to stockbrokers and investment Advisors. These people get all the fun of playing with your money, yet take none of the risk. All you get as an investor is the worry, and if you are lucky, a dividend cheque. Sure, some people make a killing pork bellies, but most investors wind up eating Rolaids for breakfast.

Money should be used to get all you can out of life. I don’t believe that you can do that by turning your money and investment decisions over to someone else. Many of us unhappy with the way the world is, yet we give our money to those people running it in the same old way. If you have an idea, something you believe would make the world a better place than put your money in it. Forget the investors, invest in yourself.

You are your best asset, not blue chip stocks or profit-sharing plans. You should continually be investing in yourself to make sure that you continue to grow. Why invest money in someone else? They are only trying to make their own money and increase their own investments. Learn how to make your own money yourself. Then you will find real security, and a sense of job well done and a sense of self worth.

I see rich people fall into the investment trap all the time. On a nice sunny day, stand in front of any big name brokerage office. You will witness a very interesting phenomena where wealthy people pull up in their limousines, go inside, and give their money to someone who came to work by subway, bus or bike.

Go figure.

If these rich people spent the money themselves like investing in projects that they believed in. They would probably not make as much money, but they would earn, learn, and get a much better return out of their investment. They might even learn to behave creatively with a little bit of that money and find out how exciting investing can be.

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