How To Write Quickly And Easily

How To Write Quickly And Easily

Do you feel or think you have a problem in writing articles or essays? While there are ways to write effective articles or essays, the easiest way to write any piece of writing works is to free write it. That’s how I write my blog posts.

I free write all my thoughts in a single sitting. Usually it takes me about 30 minutes. Like what I am doing now. I am free writing this article. The idea came while I was wondering if I am communicating effectively the message I am trying to convey on this blog.

That question on effective communication made me to think about effective writing because if I were to convey the message effectively I have to write effectively. My articles have to convey the message correctly – meaning the writings have to be good.

For most people, free writing means writing down the thoughts as they come. True but there is a difference between writing a good free writing and a junk free writing. A good free written article has value while a bad one will appear as just uncertain thoughts.

In this case, how do you free write a good article? The easiest way is to think of a topic and write them as you will explain them to someone. Imagine for example you want to write about mobile phone. How will you speak about it to your friend?

We all speak to people everyday. I consider the visitor to this blog as people too not machine. So I write as if I am speaking to someone. That is why my articles are not optimized for search engine. I find it easier to write this way.

So if you can speak to your readers in your writing as if you will speak to someone in real life, that’s good enough. Just speak. On the other hand, there are easy ways to write a good article. It’s not difficult at all. The secret is in creating a blueprint for your article.

Let’s say for example you want to write an article about how ugly is a skeleton. Think of a good title and list down about ten points you want to talk about the ugly side of the skeleton.

Why ten points? Well, it’s just a suggestion. It depends on how many points you can think of for the topic you are going to write.

Once you got your points written down. Arrange them in the most precise order you can think of, from the head to tail and start free writing on them – meaning take the first point and start talking about it to your reader in your writing.

Remember when I said writing as if speaking to someone? Do that starting with your first point. Just explain. Each point is going to be your paragraphs. The paragraphs don’t have to be long. It just has to be concise and explains the points.

When you do this for each of your points you are going to have ten paragraphs. If you write about fifty words for in each paragraph, you will have a five hundred word articles that easily.

That is your first draft copy of course. Now you need to read it, and look for spelling errors. If you want to look into grammars, you can do that too. I don’t do that because I speak to people in my writings. I don’t write to people.

If you really want to feel very good about your writing, you probably will rewrite it again and again. What you need to remember is that no piece of writing is absolutely great. Every writer knows this. You cannot be perfect in your writings but you can attempt your best shot.

If you keep rewriting you cannot finish writing. Just stop at the level you feel you have given your best and do the final checking and publish it. Well, how much easier can it get? You see, it’s really easy to write.

You don’t have to be a genius or gifted to write. You just need to learn and write. Anyone can write, but a good writing always comes from a creative mind. It’s really about how creative you are in playing with the words.

In my experience, a true writer is above grammar. It doesn’t rule him but he rule the words. He weaves the words as he wants and conveys those wonderful feelings and images he sees in his heart and mind.

You can write too – easily.

6 thoughts on “How To Write Quickly And Easily

  1. wow, if it really is that easy, a lot of us would be out of a job…

    it’s easy to WRITE, but getting people to READ what you write is another matter…

  2. Yeap. It’s really easy. If we think it is difficult than it will be difficult.

    Many people think of the end result of writing before even starting to write i.e. of whether the article will be read or not. That thought holds them back from writing.

    And it is true, writing and getting a reader to read what you have written is a different thing.

    There is a saying, “if you build they will come”. That saying is working fine for me. I focus on writing my thoughts and I have seen increase in traffic of my blog.

  3. Ya. Free writing is very powerful and write like having a conversation during free writing is also a very effective way to write. It looks more understandable and interactive.

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