How To Write A Good Article

How To Write A Good Article

As a blogger, have you ever felt lack of inspiration or ideas to write a good article or a good blog post for your blog? Quite frankly, there are so much to write about. You can write just about anything. The requirement is creativity. If you feel you are not creative, don’t worry because creativity can be learned and developed. Creativity is a word coined from the word Create and Activity. In short, creativity means the activity of creating. When you create something, you are being creative and to create you need to use your imagination.

I am sure you have heard of creative imagination. What is creative imagination? It is the imagination that creates. Yes, everything is created out of imagination. If you can use your imagination properly, you can manifest miracles. Read that sentence again. I didn’t say you can create miracles, but I said, you can manifest miracles. Yes, nothing is created in this world. All things are manifested because those things have already been created in the imagination. There is a huge difference between creating and manifesting.

Anything you see in your imagination is existing somewhere waiting to be born somewhere, sometime in the future. It is just like planting a seed and growing it. You cannot expect a seed to become a tree overnight. There is a proper time for it. Likewise, manifesting your thoughts takes time. There are rules and laws to abide. Yet, if you know the proper method, you can manifest it instantly. Well, if I were to write on that, we will be touching the secrets of real magicians. I will write about it sometime in the future. It is a huge interesting subject. For now let us get back to to the original topic of this article which is writing.

The concept of writing a readable article or blog post is simple; if you can talk, you can write. People love to talk. So why don’t you just talk to them? Imagine someone in front of you, now talk to this person something. This inner talking you are doing is your content. Write it down. There, you are done. Simple isn’t it? Remember, when writing, we are actually talking to someone and that someone is our reader. Imagine how you will talk to your reader if he / she is in front of you now. Talk it out. Every thoughts in your mind is your content. Write them down and share it.

Writing a good article or blog post becomes even more motivating if we are writing about a topic that we value highly such as our interests. Generally we are quite knowledgeable in the area of our interest. It’s natural because we like it. So it’s about writing what you like. When you write about something you like, you can write easily because you know what to talk about. See, we are talking again. We love talking isn’t it? Now talk about your interest. The topic is never ending. Trust me. However small you think the topic of your interests, it is actually very wide. You need to look at the entire topic from a birds eye perspective and pull out a section and talk about it creatively. Again, it takes imagination.

The other thing to remember while writing is to take your time. Writing this article for example have taken me about forty minutes so far and I am still not finished. Why is it taking your time to write is important? Quality. You want to write something useful. Although, I mentioned, our thoughts are our content, it is important to know how to present this content. To do that, we need to write and re-write in a coherent form. There must be a structure to it. Nothing stands without a structure. If you look closely, you will realize everything in life is structured.

Furthermore, if we are rushing our writing, we might overlook a mistake we could have made. It is human tendency to make mistake such as, spelling error etc. Thus, slowing down and rechecking your article is very important. This is especially more important, if you are allowing people to republish your article. You do not want to see varied versions of your articles. In the world wide web, your reputation is based on your writings. People don’t talk to you but read what you have written. So write the best, check it and than publish it.

It is also important to write something relevant to your website or blog’s description. What is your website or blog all about? Don’t deviate from the niche of your website or blog. Keep your content relevant unless your website or blog is based on general niche where you can talk about anything. Relevance builds you credentials. If your site or blog is about blogging, focus on everything about blogging. You wouldn’t want to suddenly talk about fishing on your website would you? How that sounds? Building a good website or blog is like writing a good book. Writing a good book requires a main topic ( the title of the book ) and divided into relevant sub topics, known as chapters, which make up the entire book. These chapters are your categories. Within each categories, you will find sub categories. Can you see the point why relevance is important?

Now let’s recap what I have written so far in this article. I have mentioned, it is important to use your imagination creatively to write a good post or article, writing is like talking, we are better in talking about what we like, so we might as well write about what we like, and when we talk, we do think of how to talk, because we don’t want to say the wrong thing and spoil our credibility or reputation, which means editing your content is important. I have also mentioned, it is important to write something relevant to our website or blog.

Yet, I want you to know, there is something way more important than all the points I have given so far in this article. Yes, and that is originality. This is the key to your blog or websites success. Would you like to read something which has already been written umpteen thousand times before? You get tired. There is no freshness to it. There is no inspiration to it. You will just leave the site instantly because you know, it is just another article presented in a different way. So be original in your writings. Trust me, it will make you stand out from other websites or blogs. Have you seen those sites or blog’s that just talk about the same old stuffs, for example, such a post like, ‘I just read bla bla bla at such a such website (link here), if you want to read more please visit such a such a website (link here)’ ? I mean what is this? Referral service? Too many people are doing this nowadays.

Frankly, It really isn’t difficult to write original content. You just need to use your imagination. This article can only give you knowledge and wisdom. Yet, ‘Imagination is more important than knowledge’, said Albert Einstein. Why? Because it creates. Use it fully and you can go very far in your life. Now go and create and write some original contents.

In essence, if we want to direct our lives, we must take control of our consistent actions. It’s not what we do once in a while that shapes our lives, but what we do consistently. – Tony Robbins

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