How To Understand Someone

How To Understand Someone

So you want to understand someone. If you want to understand someone, first you need to understand that we cannot completely understand someone as long as we are in human consciousness. If you insist to understand someone completely, you need to become them. This is only possible when you are functioning completely in the soul consciousness. You need to be a self realized soul.

When we talk about understanding someone, we are talking about understanding their innermost thinking. Only when we can truly understand the inner thinking of someone thoroughly will we be able to understand that individual completely. This is because it is the inner thinking that we carry within us that moves our being. The truth about the need to look into how someone thinks for us to understand someone, reveals itself in the word understand.

If we look closely, we will find that the word understand is made up of two words. The word ‘under’ and ‘stand’ joined together to make the word understand. In this case of understanding someone, under means beneath and stand means what we uphold as true. So if we need to understand someone we need to look inside the heart of someone what they uphold to be true. In another word, we need to look for their inner values. It is this value that makes them behave the way they do.

Remember, we cannot see someone’s thoughts completely unless we are operating from the soul’s level of awareness. We need to use the spiritual eyes to see their thoughts. However let’s get down to some specifics of how we can understand someone to a certain extend from human level of consciousness. Meaning, lets see how we can understand from the way we are now for we are not yet self realized beings.

One of the ways to understand someone’s thinking is to look at their preferences. For example, we can look at the way the wear clothes (styles), the type of music they like, the choice of food they choose to eat daily. These preferences are clues to their thoughts. This is because they are the result of their thinking or choices. When you know all these you will know how they are habitually will behave and now you can adjust yourself to them accordingly.

Another way to understand someone is by looking at the kind of things they spend time talking often. This is their interest. We wouldn’t talk much of the things that don’t interest us right? So what people talk can be clue to their thinking too. With all these we can try to understand what type of a person they are. The other thing you can do is to look at the type of places they visit and the type of people they associate with frequently. We will be where we are according to our liking right? So you can see what kind of thinking this person may be having.

With these clues we can try to understand someone to a certain extend. However, human beings are complex beings of thoughts. Sometimes, what we do in real life may not represent who or what we are at all. How do we understand someone in this case then? It is hard in this case but we can try. We can associate ourselves with them, maybe become their friends and slowly learn about what they like and don’t like as well as about their expectations. When we understand what someone likes and also their expectations, we can understand them better.

All these are just are simple guidelines of course. If you really want to understand someone you have to become them. Only then you can ever understand them. You have to put yourself in their shoe. That is impossible of course because we are all different. We are unique in our own ways. We all walk our own life the way only we know best. You wouldn’t know how others are walking their life.

The fact is that we all grow up in our own environments. Our life experience differs. May look the same, but it’s all different. We perceive our world the way we do according to our own experiences. Look into their life experiences and the way they grow up, compare them against your own experiences and see how it may have impacted on how they are behaving and you can understand them a little better.

If we all learn to understand others, this world will definitely be a better place. Definitely, but we wouldn’t know whether it will be a peaceful place or a chaotic place. Well, if you know others are thinking well about you, maybe you will respond peacefully but what if you find out the other person is having bad intentions towards you? Well, maybe it is because of this reason; we are born like this with incomplete understanding towards someone or something. Human beings, we can never say what they will do if they have a complete understanding of a subject matter.

Above all there is one important thing we need to understand. We are all souls living in this world trying to learn something. No one is perfect in this world. Just recognize others at just that and let others be. Let them grow and learn life to the way they find it best. Just accept others for who they are. This is what love is all about. If you can just do this, this too is an understanding. Grant others the right to choose and grow the way they want as much as the way you want.

Just be love.

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