How To Stop Worrying

How To Stop Worrying

The way we worry about things, no matter how much we explain to others about it, they can never understand it. People will only try to understand why we worry about what we are worrying about. This worry we have inside, they are things of our heart. Only we know why we are worried about it.

It’s not just us who have worries. Others have their own worries too. In fact everyone in this world have worries. I wonder if anyone out there in the world who is actually living a worry free life. Maybe some of them are able to manage their worry to some extend but not completely free from worry.

In my own reflection, I feel if we have worries it means we fear something. If we are so sure something will be happen the way we expect, why would we have worries? I think it is the fear that our expectations wouldn’t come true that causes us worries. That’s just the instant thought coming right now. There could be other reasons why we worry.

It doesn’t matter what causes the worry. I am asking, ‘Is worrying good for us?’ Some people say worry is healthy in the sense that it helps us be aware what is important for us and get us to focus or striving to achieve those important goals. Perhaps it is if we view it from that angle. Yet, if we look deeply, overall, worrying is not something good.

Worrying causes tension within us. It is the result of a troubled mind. When we are tensed, we are paralyzing our mind from thinking clearly. When are caught up in worries, we may overlook the very solution we are looking for that might just be in front of us. It is important to stop worrying and start living our life fully with happiness.

If we want to live a life with fewer worries, we need to recognize that by worrying about anything it’s not going to change that thing. Worrying only has impact on us. It strains our energy and as a result we tend to get tired easily. When we are tired, we may neglect doing things that are important.

What we need to understand is as long as we have fear inside us, we cannot stop worrying. So the key to overcoming worry is by getting rid of any kind of fear in us. This means we need to live our life courageously. We need to be bold, daring and adventurous. We can achieve that if we are equipped with proper information. Often it is the lack of information that leads us to worry.

There is a saying that says something like this ‘every problem has a solution to it, just that at the moment we are not aware of it’. Since every problem has a solution, why do you need to worry? Instead of worrying you should focus your attention in finding the solutions. Sometimes we might lack time, but that’s life. We all feel we need some extra time in life.

Easier said than done I know, but think about it, isn’t what we imagine inside us is what is controlling us? Sometimes there may be no truth to what we are imagining but we entertain such thoughts and it creates fear and in turn we are filled with worries. This is why it is important to get the facts correct before we worry about anything. That’s why they say don’t think unnecessary: meaning to imagine something which is not true.

Let me share with you how I deal with worries. Whenever I am worried, I ask myself if it is true. Sometimes we do find out that what we are worrying about is true but there is a way out of it. We can overcome our worries by anchoring ourselves with something much stronger that can elevate us out of worry. In my case, I put my thoughts on my spiritual guide who comes every now and then to give me guidance.

You too can find someone to anchor yourself and get rid of all your fears and worries. One such identity is God. If you have complete faith in God, will you have worries? So it is a question of our own inner faith. How strong are we inside of us? If we are not strong enough, we will be bombarded with all kind of negative emotions. Build your inner strength and develop complete faith in God.

I know it is not easy to get rid of worries, but try. There are more important things to do than worrying. Worrying cannot solve your problems. Ask yourself why you are so concerned about the thing you are worried about. Is this what your heart really wants? Think about it and make a wise decision.

We humans have lost the wisdom of genuinely resting and relaxing. We worry too much. We don’t allow our bodies to heal, and we don’t allow our minds and hearts to heal. – Thich Nhat Hanh

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