How To Stop Procrastinating Your Work

How To Stop Procrastinating Your Work

Phew… I just cleaned up the whole house. I’ve been holding on to do this for the past few weeks. Yes, I was caught up with ‘procrastination’. I am not really the type who likes to put things on hold but I guess I took this for granted since there wasn’t urgency for it. I could always do it tomorrow. Yes, that is the common excuse people who procrastinate gives. You know what? It just feels good when you get something done. You should try it sometime. Try doing it immediately and see how you feel once you have completed it.

There are many reasons why people procrastinate. Most common reason for procrastination would be because they often think the task is not very important. Sometimes they are just overwhelmed by the task. Filled with worries if they can ever finish it; feeling overloaded with too many works and with poor time management, they just postpone the work. Sometimes it can be because they give too much attention to their fears and worries, they forget what needs to be done for now; often carried away into doing things that is not beneficial for them.

It is quite difficult to come out of procrastination once you are caught up with it. It is especially true if it has become a habit for us to procrastinate. Yet, there is nothing to fear about it. Every once awhile we all procrastinate. It is normal. They keyword here is Self Discipline. Only self disciplining ourselves can make us come out of the habit of procrastinating our work. We have to start somewhere and get our priorities straight. Start by evaluating what is important and what is not. Do a to do list. Look at your time management. Are you managing your time properly? What is preventing you from doing your work? Is it really that bad? Are you clear with what you want? These are key questions you should ask yourself.

Procrastination is also related to boredom. Sometimes we are just bored with the work and instead of going ahead completing the work, we go and do something else which is more pleasurable. Boredom is really the result of lack of creativity on our part. If you are bored with doing something, try to find alternative ways to do it. You can make your work more enjoyable. For example, while cleaning the house just now, I was just bored I wanted to give up and postpone it to later. Instead, I put on good trance music and was enjoying my work. The music actually gave me positive vibration. As such, you can actually use something around you creatively to motivate you to perform your work.

Just remember this one thing. Nobody is going to stop you from procrastinating. It is your life. Yet, if you continue to do it, there is only one thing going to happen and that is, your work is going to be pile up. One fine day, you will just realize you have so much of things to do. What are you going to do then? It is better to do one thing at a time than not doing something at all. So do something about the work you have been postponing until now. Its your choice. Make that choice and change your behavior now and live your life the fullest with happiness.

Whatever your life’s work is, do it well. A man should do his job so well that the living, the dead, and the unborn could do it no better. – Martin Luther King, Jr.

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