How To Overcome Depression

How To Overcome Depression

One of the common problem I often discover from some of those who confide to me is their unrealized suicidal wish. I can understand other people’s problem because most of the time I have experienced what they share with me. Suicidal thinking can be caused by many reasons. Experiences like breaking up in a relationship, the death of someone who is dearest to us, loosing jobs or even simply because of some problem at home can be the cause for it.

Suicidal thinking can be caused by chronic depressions too. If you are experiencing sadness, loneliness, feeling dejected or having low feeling of self-worth and notice that you often lack of mood for doing work, loss of interest in everything, become lazy, sleepless or sleep too frequently for long hours, lack of appetite, or increase in appetite, extreme lost of weight or sudden overweight, feeling guilt, or lack of interest in physical intimacy, know that all these can be a sign that you are depressed.

Are you going through any or all of these for a long time? Yes or No, you might want to consider talking to an expert for help such as a therapist and get an review. This is very important because prolonged depressions takes time to heal and in extreme depressive cases, the depressed will actually take steps to put an end to their suffering and often the end result is suicide.

You might or might not need to go on medication such as taking antidepressant drugs to help yourself. It only can be determined by the psychiatrist or doctor who treats you. You might be prescribed to antidepressants such as Zoloft, Effexor, or Lorazepam. Whatever the case, you play an important role in taking the depression out of you. This is the most important stuff I discovered during the time I was going through depression. Only you can change yourself. So what can you do?

Do something. Anything that can help to overcome depression. You can start doing meditation if you want. Maybe you can join a meditation group near you. This is what I did. Meditation helps you calm your mind from worries and clears your thinking process. You can see things in a better perspectives. With that you can make a better decision. Talk to your group members. You will be surprised how many of them overcame their depressions with meditation. A simple technique can be as easy as singing a mantra. I’ll recommend you HU. It is a wonderful mantra.

Socialize yourself. Depression often make us want to isolate our self from others. It wont solve any problems. It will only make you lonelier and even more depressed. Meet your friends, go out and have fun. If you are a single, consider dating someone. Just spend a lot of time with people. With positive people of course. Some people a negative themselves they will even enhance our depression. So avoid the negative people.

Exercise. Why exercise? It helps you sweat and take out all the toxic inside of you. When you exercise regularly you feel healthy and increase in your energy level. When you are energized you will have motivation to do work. Use this motivation as a tool for doing what you have been postponing. It will help you to take your life back on track. Go to the gym or take up aerobic classes where you can meet others. Socialize with them. Make new friends. Just don’t go jogging alone in the park. If you have to, ask someone to go with you. But it’s a good idea to spend time under the sun.

Quite frankly, coming out of depression takes time but it can be done. It is not something that cannot be treated.

If you don’t think your anxiety, depression, sadness and stress impact your physical health, think again. All of these emotions trigger chemical reactions in your body, which can lead to inflammation and a weakened immune system. Learn how to cope, sweet friend. There will always be dark days. – Kris Carr

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