How To Overcome Addiction?

How To Overcome Addiction?

Whatever you are addicted to do or take, usually you do it because of habit. For example, if you are addicted to smoking, it is because you are caught up with the habit of smoking. Get rid if the habit and you can get rid of smoking.

In order to get rid of the bad habit or addiction, you need to make a conscious choice to break it but sometimes, even after we consciously make decision to overcome addiction, we are unable to do it because of the strong craving or urge that comes along.

Perhaps, it is better to say that to break free from any kind of addiction, we need to control our cravings or urge. An urge or craving is nothing but desire or lust to do something. So the key to break free from addiction is to control the urge.

How do we control the urge? We begin by understanding what we are addicted to. If you are addicted to smoking, why do you get the urge to smoke when you didn’t smoke just for a few hours? How do you control this urge?

In my own experience, we cannot control the ‘addiction urge’ directly but we can do something indirectly to influence the urge we have. For example, when you have the urge to smoke a cigarette, you can instead of lighting up the cigarette, start to play a game.

This activity of playing game, takes away your mind of thinking about the urge thus making you to forget it. When you don’t remember you have an urge to smoke, will you smoke?

All these may be temporary of course, but if you keep practicing, what you are doing is to make yourself habitually not to remember your urge whenever it comes. The purpose of urge is to control you. It is one of those negative forces; the mind uses to control you (soul).

When you don’t give any attention to it, it leaves you because it cannot have any power unless you give it. So it is we who give the urge the power to control us. Ignore the urge by putting your attention on the things that matters.

Think about positive stuffs and keep your attention there. When the mind realizes that it cannot control you through the urge, it leaves you. In fact, it won’t even bother you the next time.

So the ultimate key to breaking free from any addiction is to keep ignoring your urge until the urge realize that it cannot control you.

I speak as if ‘the urge’ has a consciousness of its own, that somehow it can think and manipulate us, and well it does, as long as we give it the power to control us.

So if you feel an urge to do something you are addicted with, try not doing it for three days and see for yourself, how much better you feel. That’s because, you will have less urge.

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