How To Help Yourself Through Change

How To Help Yourself Through Change

What is change? It is transformation. Everything is transforming from something to another thing and it is an endless process. Even the stone or bricks in your apartment are slowly decaying. Just because something looks still and static, it does not mean it is not changing. Change is the natural law of this world and we are not excluded from it. We cannot force change and yet, at the same time, we cannot prevent change. Change is inevitable.

Resistance to change is natural part of human nature. It happens to everyone. This is the part of life experience we all go through before transforming into or moving to different level of consciousness. We resist because we fear the unknown and we cannot let go our old habits and comforts that we are well attached with. Attachment is the main factor holding us from growing and this resistance in us will exist until we are ready to see the blessings which has already been given to us through the change. Only than, will we be able to consciously facilitate steps to change.

Every problems, be it physical such as financial crisis, health problems or even the emotional problem like depression that comes through separations with loved ones, are all blessings in disguise. Change is only taking you towards something better and leading you into an area of perception that is much broader than what you are having now. This is how life teaches us. Of course, you can learn by a better way, much less painful ways, if you could, but if this is the only way you will learn, than so will it be.

Nothing will come to us any more than what we can handle at any given moment in life. This a law of life. It is the grace of God to us. If it is truly a blessing, how may a loving God let me suffer you might ask. Do you know that every condition in life is self made? We have created it. As you sow, so shall you reap. Action and reaction. Its like the mathematical formula. The condition in your life is the exact result of your past decisions and actions. God did not create the situations in your life, you took yourself to the such conditions. No one is to be blamed. We can only do what we are capable of doing at any given moment in time. We did what we were capable of doing then. That’s our level of consciousness at that time.

What matters is we move on with life. Indeed, the loneliness, pain and suffering that comes along with the process of changing, such as in breaking up with a loved one, is something very much unbearable. Yet, remember, nothing happens any more than that which you can handle. We are capable of enduring and coming out of it. We just need to clearly see the benefits of such experiences and than get our self the necessary inner stamina to face it and move on out of it.

One way you can gain inner strength is through absolute faith in yourself and God. There is no wavering. Another way is through the use of positive words. The Indians or the Tibetans calls it mantra. It raises your vibration. One don’t necessarily need to find out a special mantra. Do you know that even the word such as GOD is so powerful that it can move the world? You need to have a strong believe in it. Yes it is your powerful believe that gives it the power. It has always been what our belief and what we believed that made us make so and so decisions in life and ending up where we are now. Change your belief and you will change your life.

Yet, with all the things I have said so far, we or no one can force change. Whether you are facilitating it or not, you will change. You can choose to do what you want to do in your life. You can also choose to feel how you want to feel. Whatever you do, it is your choice. God works through your choices in leading you to understand yourself and the purpose you are down here. If you are willing, miracles can happen. Its actually in your hand. You just need to believe it. Only you can change yourself and your life. God isn’t going to do it for you. God is only going to show you what you can do, but you have decide on your own what you want to do with your life. That’s the freedom God gave us. Make the best out of it.

Change is the law of life. And those who look only to the past or present are certain to miss the future. – John F. Kennedy

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