How To Have Self-Discipline

How To Have Self-Discipline

Almost everyone is struggling with self-discipline in this life. We find it in everything we do, in our jobs, in our homes or in our schools. It means can I do this thing on time? For example, you might want to write an article for your blog by 6:00pm, can you do it by then? If you look closely, all these little things in life exist for that very reason, to teach us self-discipline.

There is really a special power in self discipline because if we are self-disciplined we can almost achieve anything. How do we achieve this self-discipline? We can achieve self-discipline easily if we understand our purpose in life, clear about our goals, we are devoted and committed to achieve it through focused attention.

People often wonder why they lack of self-discipline like many others. We cannot be others but we can be our self. You are the way you are because you choose to be like that. Think about it. Who is forcing you to do and behave the way you do? No one can make you self-disciplined if you by your own effort don’t want to be self-disciplined. It boils down to one simple fact: self-responsibility.

Whatever your goals, you cannot achieve it if you are not self-disciplined, unless of course, through some kind of divine intervention, which is very unlikely to happen. I don’t think heaven is able to accept irresponsible people. Self-discipline and self-responsibility comes handy. They go together. If you want to discipline yourself, you have to take self-responsibility for it. You decide how fervently you want it.

Sometimes we can see a high-school student going down the street with a basketball in hand. Everywhere he goes, whatever he does, the basketball is always with him. He dribbles here and there. He may appear as if he has lost his mind but that’s the kind of devotion we need to achieve a goal. Why does he do that? It’s because he wants to be the best player.

Ask yourself what you are looking for in life? What are you trying to achieve? What is the reason you are living for? Think about it and think about the boy with the basketball. If you want to have all those things you desire, you have to be devoted like the boy. In this case, devotion really means self-discipline. Your outcome in your life will show up to the exact proportion you have self-disciplined to achieve.

Self-discipline is a sort of self-management. You manage yourself to do what is necessary and not necessary. If you feel something is necessary for your life, what kind of discipline you are willing to put in it? What kind of devotion you are willing to put in it? Basically self discipline is about your own willingness. How willing are you? You won’t be much willing unless they matter to you. Thus, find your primary purpose and what matters, when you are clear about it, start practicing self-discipline.

We all have dreams. But in order to make dreams come into reality, it takes an awful lot of determination, dedication, self-discipline, and effort. – Jesse Owens

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