How To Have Beautiful Body

How To Have Beautiful Body

Living in a condominium is a wonderful thing because it comes with many facilities such as gym, swimming pool, badminton court, tennis court, and so on. I am not saying it suits everyone, but at the moment it suits my needs. One of the thing I love to do is going to the gym to keep myself fit. During my past few months going to gym regularly, I have learned some body building basics from my fitness trainer. I made a list of what you need to know and do to begin with.

1 Pick a goal. What is your goal? You want to build a fit body or loose weight? Your first thing to know before choosing to build your body into a shape you want, is to know your goals. What is it that you really want out of these body building practice? Find out what you want and work out a plan for it. Is it a short term plan or long term plan? You know your body better than anyone else. So you can decide how long will it take for you to shape up? Figure this out. Talk to a professional if you don’t know about this. Like for me, my trainer gave me a six month goal of shaping my abs.

2 Figure out your daily calories and protein need. This is another important factor. We need to know how much our daily calories and protein needs. It means taking enough of it and not less or more. Maintaining this will make sure we are healthy during the process of shaping up.

3 Know what you eat daily. Once you know your daily protein and calories need, you need to watch what you eat daily. No more stuffing yourself with a bunch of unhealthy oily foods. In the case of loosing weight, some people stop eating and stuff themselves with juices. This is wrong method too because it will make you unhealthy in the long run through the lack of protein and calories needed for the body. So you need to figure out what kind of food you can take and what you can’t.

4 Plan a routine exercise. Quite frankly, there is not golden rule that will work for everyone. So you need to try couple of exercises and see which one is working for you. Start from there. You probably have seen some people in the gym doing the same kind of exercises years after years. Well, that’s because that exercise works well for them. Just do what works for you and mix it with some other exercises. This must become a routine. How many days you want to do in a week? Everyday? Thrice a day? I suggest everyday. Again it depends to you and your work circumstances.

5 Take good supplements. Talk to a professional fitness trainer and see what kind of supplements they recommend you. Taking daily vitamins like omega 3 and 6 EFA complex can help. Again, you need to find out from a professionals what kind is good for your type of body.

6 Be patience. Don’t get frustrated if you don’t see any changes. It might take you months before you can notice but it is good to watch your progress daily. Observe your own body and look into the mirror for changes. If you don’t see any, work harder. Put some extra effort. A lot of people fail because the get frustrated after a few weeks. You need a lot of patience before you can see results. It is not an overnight thing so don’t loose your confidence.

Well, if you are going to shape up your body, I wish you good luck.

The human body is the best work of art. – Jess C. Scott

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