How To Find Motivation At Work

How To Find Motivation At Work

One of the common problem I come to hear from people confiding to me is the lack of motivation at work. There’s nothing to worry about this because it is something normal. It is common to feel tired or sick of the work we are doing. Especially if the job involves monotonous repetitive process.

However, you can find motivation at your work even if you are doing a very boring job. How do you find the motivation? This has got to do with your goals in life. If you have some goals to achieve badly, you will work for it despite all the hardship or boredom the work can bring. The goal becomes the motivating factor that drives you to work. It moves you.

Think about it for awhile. Do you have any goals to achieve? Why do you want to achieve it? If you have no goals to achieve, perhaps you want to sit down for awhile and write down your goals. Think of something that you dearly want to achieve in life. Use it as the motivating factor. For example, you might be thinking of buy a brand new car in the next one year.

To buy a car, you need some down payment. How are you going to have it? Work of course. You work for it. You see, now you have a good reason to work. Work for a reason, don’t just work for the sake of working. Find a good reason to work. It has always been because we just wake and go to work without a sense of purpose that we often feel unmotivated at work.

When you have found out that goal you want to achieve, imagine how it will bring you happiness. Yes, close your eyes for awhile and imagine now. You see those images of having what you want? That’s what the future is for you and you are going to have it because you are working for it. Imagine how life would be if you are jobless? You definitely would not be able to achieve anything because the law of this world is such, you need money to survive. No man have survived without some sort of commodity to trade for his survival. That commodity in the modern world is known as money.

Furthermore, who are you working for? Do you honestly believe you are working for your employer? That is the greatest illusion that many of carry in our mind. We are actually working for our own self. Yes, we are working for our survival. If you are really working for your employer, why do you want to take a salary? You can work for free. You see, we need the money and that is why we are working. Ultimately, we are working for our own benefit. Think about the reason you are going to work? That can motivate you.

It is normal every once awhile to feel down. Yet, like I said, if you have something to achieve badly that you are willing to bleed for it, nothing can take away your motivation. Work for your goals. You are responsible for your own state of mind. So take charge and make a change and be happy.

Everyone has been made for some particular work, and the desire for that work has been put in every heart. – Rumi

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