How To Find Ideas

How To Find Ideas

I have been trying so much to ensure that I post at least one article daily in this blog, but sometimes I do lack inspiration or creativity to write. Is this what they call writer’s block? Some writers consider it such. Perhaps it is just lack of ideas.

As a blog writer we can write and post anything on our blog, especially if our blog is a personal blog but this is a niche blog. In this blog I focus on giving useful life improvement advice. So whatever I write must be relevant to the goal of this blog. I cannot simply write on any subject unless it is related to improving one’s life.

If you are in the same shoe as me writing a niche blog, probably you have experienced similar situation. What do you do when you experience this lack of idea to write? Do you wait for the idea to flow or you do something to get the idea flowing? Can we create ideas? If yes, how do we create ideas? Perhaps, we don’t create ideas but we find ideas.

We think or daydream to get an idea. What do we do when we think or daydream? We see images in our mind. Finding idea means gathering and connecting the images in our mind in a meaningful way so we can express it in the form of writing or in any other artistic expressions such as painting or sculpturing.

Sometimes we don’t connect these images at all. Sometimes an image by itself can be meaningful and can create a spark in us to write something, such as what I am doing now. I didn’t plan to write about how we to find ideas. I was just contemplating for an idea for this blog and here I am writing about how to find ideas.

Of course, we can watch movies, talk to friends, read magazines, read other people’s blog, go through those article directories but when you use them to generate ideas, we call it borrowed ideas and that’s alright. However, I would like to see more people find something original out of their own thinking and write from their own perspectives. That’s really originality from my point of view.

Each and every image you find in your mind is a potential idea. You just need to find what it means and relate it to your problem and how it can solve it. Ideas usually appear in the form of a solution. So finding solution means finding ideas. That’s what I do; I think on my thinking and find the ideas. Do you think on what you are thinking? Think about it.

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