How To Eliminate Fear And Worry

How To Eliminate Fear And Worry

One effective way to eliminate worry and fear over the long term is to meditation. Meditation creates a sense of self-mastery, inner stillness, and stability. Research even shows that meditation actually changes your mind’s inclination to feel negative emotions like hope, optimism, and gratitude.

Meditation also strengthens your inner witness, the deeper part of yourself that becomes more and more aware of the movement of your thoughts. With a strong inner witness, you are aware of your worries without getting overly involved with them. ‘Oh there I go getting afraid about money again.’ You begin to notice that while such thoughts do arise, they also disappear.

You begin to practice your faith when you take responsibility for your thoughts. I realize that everything happens for a reason as part of a larger plan to grow in love and wisdom and be of service and this helps me realize not to take problems personally. I trust in a divine intelligence that helps me relax in my life. When fear knocks at the door, faith answers, no one is there!

Make your home sanctuary, a psychological fortress. Be sure it’s comfy, calm, and pleasing so it can be your heart’s resting place. Decorate with objects that give you fond memories of who you are. They will help you keep centered and stable.

Remember, there are always going to be things to cause fear or worry. But you and I get to decide which ones are real threats. Then we ca choose how to handle them. Will you join me in choosing peace and happiness from now on?

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