How To Build Self Esteem

How To Build Self Esteem

Behavioral scientists say you will never let yourself have more health, happiness, or success than you feel you deserve. Wow! This means that right this minute you are attracting what you feel worthy of having. Chew on that awhile! So the common denominator for getting all the good stuff in life ‘health, wealth, good relationships, and even longevity’ is self-esteem.

Self-esteem fluctuates over time. You and I are constantly measuring ourselves against our past successes and achievements. If there is a discrepancy between what we’re already done and what we still want to do, or if we don’t continue to achieve our goals, then our self-esteem may falter. Happily, if we learn to talk lovingly to ourselves and surround ourselves with people who truly love and support us, their words and acts of encouragement eventually will sink into our brains and boost our self-esteem.

People who posses an inner core of self-esteem become the masters of their own fates. This is what you and I want. We must choose not to see ourselves as victims of our circumstances. We need to be in charge of our behavior. We can’t allow ourselves to be at the mercy of those around us. If we don’t feel we are worthy, we won’t take responsibility for our lives. We will be stuck in a cycle of feeling out of control and then blame others, which results in further low self-esteem.

We can break the cycle by seeing ourselves as masters of our own fates. By the actions we take and every choice we make, we control, to a great degree, what happens to us. We certainly can control our reactions. As we work on creating high self-esteem we will soon get more of what we want in life.

Ever hear that country song ‘Lookin’ for Love in All the Wrong Place’? Before you and I can expect to find love with anyone else, we first have to find it within ourselves. Your relationship with yourself is the most basic and crucial one. Who you choose to fall in love with is literally a reflection of how much you love or do not love yourself. Conflict with your partner comes down to a reflection of some conflict going on within yourself. Take a long, hard look at everyone around you; the way they treat you is how you are trained them to treat you.

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