How To Build Self Confidence Easily

How To Build Self Confidence Easily

Do you believe you are not a very self confident person? Personally I think we all possess some kind of self confidence to a certain level. Have you ever done certain thing with absolute certainty as if you are very sure about it? That’s self confidence.

We might have self confident in one thing but may not be self confident in another thing. For example, you may be confident in doing your work but may not be very confident when talking to your boss. It means, we do have self confidence, but we only lack of it in some areas. So, don’t ever say you don’t have self confidence because that’s wrong.

Knowing you lack self confidence only in certain areas, you need to find ways to develop your self confidence in it and the easiest way to build your self confidence is by observing those people who are expert in the areas you want to develop your self confidence. Look at what they do and how they behave. If possible, get into their mind and look for their attitude. How do they think?

Don’t try to be like them because you cannot be like others. You have to be yourself. What you can do is learn to see and think the way they do. You probably notice they might have a very positive image of themselves. Think about your own way of looking at yourself. Are you letting yourself down by thinking negatively?

If you are serious about building self confidence, you need to start believing yourself that you have the ability to resolve all problems. If you lack self confidence, it is really the result of fear and fear is the result of lack of truth and what is truth? The truth is love but in this case; let me put it this, way lack of information.

Think about it. If you are well informed, why would there be a reason to fear? If you know you are right, why would you fear? For example, let say you are in a meeting and you are to do a presentation. If you are well prepared, will there be a reason to fear? I don’t think so.

Maybe you are well prepared but you fear speaking in public. Now here is the truth. People are people just like you and me. There is no one perfect in this world, including your boss. You are the best you can be at any given moment in time, but you can better yourself knowing you can improve yourself.

Just do something to improve your self. As long as you are on the right track, there is no reason to fear or be not confident. If you really feel you cannot build your self confidence by just thinking positively, you should start socializing with the highly successful people and self confident people more often.

You may not even have the self confidence to do that too but hey, aren’t they are people too? There is no reason to fear them. What’s the worst thing can happen? They are not going to kill you. You see, when you mix and mingle with the successful and self confident people, you will get charged by their positive energy.

So, what’s the natural thing that can happen due to that? Your self confidence will be boosted automatically. That’s the power of association. That’s the reason why many motivators will ask you to associate with like minded people. If you want to be successful, mix with the successful and avoid the negative and pessimistic people, unless you want to attract their energy in your life.

I think, of all the things I have said so far, if you want to develop your self confidence, you need to become aware that failures are not bad at all, because you can learn from them. Don’t be afraid to take a chance. Every moment is an opportunity to learn something.

Self improvement like building self confidence is an on-going process. No one ever learn everything completely. There is always one more step in life. There is always one more thing to learn in life. Be brave. The more bold, daring and adventurous you are the more self confident you will be so explore everything. This life is a great chance to do that. Use it to the fullest.

2 thoughts on “How To Build Self Confidence Easily

  1. To be confidence, I learned a very good way:

    Understand myself.

    When I understand myself, I know what I can do and what I can’t do. When I know that, I can be confidence when I do anything. When I can’t do it, I will say so and try to find someone or some other ways to do it and achieve the same results.

  2. Thanks … really thanks … for this advice because this one of my problems. and i will try to resolve it.

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