How To Be Free From Worries

How To Be Free From Worries

There have been numerous scientific studies proving that worry is an unhealthy state of mind as it causes harm to our body and clouds our mind from clear thinking. When worrying about something is prolonged it causes stress which leads to depression. As a result we will live constantly in unhappiness.

Worry is the direct result of not knowing what to do about the things we are worrying about. If we know what to do and if we are sure what we do will result in the outcome we desire, we will not have worries. This means, worry is created by the uncertainties we face in life. The cure for worry, then, is finding certainties in whatever we set out to do.

Is it possible to be certain about what we do and get rid of worry? Since the future is only a probability, we cannot be certain about anything at all in life because anything can happen although we may have done all the right things. Anything is possible. As long as we are living in the domain of uncertainties we cannot get rid of worries completely.

However, there are ways to overcome worries. It takes the true understanding of the nature of reality or life itself and the truth is life is about changes. Life is an ongoing process of change which means nothing is completely stable in this world. If we want to overcome worry, we need to find the stable force within this dynamic world and anchor our self to that stable force.

Is there a stable force in this changing world which we can use as an anchor point for our self and overcome worry? Of course we cannot use anything but if we can somehow find a way to see beyond the surface of all life, we will find which is stable and permanent, pervading quietly but creatively sustaining life itself. We need to find this and anchor our self to it to overcome worry.

Positive thinking does help, but as long as you have fear, you cannot rid yourself from worry and that is why you need to find a power which can eliminate fear altogether.

This stable factor which makes all things possible is also known as the God force. This God’s force is what we need to contact and bring into our life to take away the fear and worry we have. It may sound impossible but it can be done if we know how. There is a way of course, and the way is through recognizing its existence and allowing it to work through us for our own benefits.

We become a clear channel for the God power in our life. As the power enters our life and uplift us to higher state of consciousness, we will come to see things clearly as to why they are the way they are which gives us the ability to make correct decisions resulting in desired outcome.

If you reject the capacity to do this does not exist with any mortals that is because you have not encountered someone who can do this. In my own life experiences, I have seen miracles so many times, one of which is experiencing this life giving substances itself proving to me of its reality and existence. This silent, hidden beyond the surface but powerful and creative energy truly exist.

It exists in the form of pure love forever sustaining everything in this world. It can be seen and experienced. When seen and experienced, we will be completely rid of fears and worries.

The question is if we can contact this love which sustains all life and through it get rid of all our worries completely, how do we contact it? First, you need to do a study on the nature of reality; of how things truly exist. Second, you need to find a true living spiritual guide who can help link you up with this creative current of life. Third, you need to practice the method given by your spiritual guide to contact and participate consciously with this spiritual force and allow it to manifest and direct your life.

When you learn to do this, you know through personal experience that you are walking the right path which eliminates worries. When you know you are absolutely right beyond doubts, you will be absolutely certain and when you are absolutely certain, there is no room for fear and worry. This state of absolute certainty can only come when your life is being directed by the spiritual force itself.

Life is too short to worry about anything. You had better enjoy it because the next day promises nothing. – Eric Davis

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