How To Attract Abundance?

How To Attract Abundance?

You probably have heard so many writers or speakers mentioning about attracting abundance. I want you to know what attracting abundance really means. Abundance means having something in the amount more than what is required. Attracting abundance means, bringing into your life something more than what you really need.

When a motivational speaker or writer speaks of attracting abundance it is often referred to creating wealth. For example, Bill Gates may be defined to be abundant in wealth. His sum total wealth may be beyond what is really needed for his life as a whole.

Of course, that is an outsider’s point of view. Only he knows how he is living his life but that’s how we usually view things. We tend to compare to what we have and what we don’t have against others. Than we wish to have like what others have. Sometimes we wonder, is it possible to be like that, to live such an abundant life?

It is possible indeed to create such abundance. However, we may already be living an abundant life in a certain way. Maybe there are people outside there who are wishing they can have a life like us or what we have. For example, you may not be rich but you have a happy family which makes you a very happy person. That is abundance itself.

Ever considered the fact that maybe you already have everything that you are suppose to have in life? Everyone is having whatever they have in life to the proportion they have earned it. If you want more you have to earn it. The secret of having abundance exist in the knowledge of manifesting what you want.

In other word, to have abundance of anything you must know how to manifest what you want. There is nothing new under the sky. Everything is made up of certain laws or principles. If you learn this invisible laws than you can manifest almost anything. There are even ways to manifest money out of the thin air. The question is can we fulfill the condition required to manifest such things?

What are the conditions needed then? You may have read elsewhere that the condition needed to manifest what you want is to have a clear mental picture of what you want, to keep thinking about it, to feel it, or some even go to the extend of saying that you should actually pretend or practice as if you already have what you want until one day it is all manifested.

Have you ever thought why these people tell you to do all these? They are asking you to believe it. You must believe in it so much so it must become a powerful conviction and than suddenly you have all the things you ever wanted in life. What happened? Your belief acted as the medium in which the thing you needed can reach you.

So the law of attraction comes into play here. You attract abundance through your beliefs. That is why these positive speakers or motivators ask you to have positive beliefs. They ask you to believe that you will have what you want. While it is true believing like this can lead us to have what we want, it is only a primary step. There are ways to have what we want in life in a more direct way. It is through understanding the law of vibration and manipulating the law.

You may think you cannot manipulate a law. Well, think of the lawyers and the way they manipulate the laws to their own or their client’s benefits. If you know the secret of the law of vibrations, you can manipulate it to work for or against your own self. This is how we create. Most of the negative stuffs we are experiencing in life are due to us unknowingly breaking or misusing the law of vibrations.

You can have anything in life if you truly understand the law of vibration and know how to use it. You can even have God realization. That is why the real secret of the law of vibration is never directly revealed to us. One can misuse it. When one misuses the law of vibration, it becomes black magic. If you are sincere, there are great souls even in this world, who are ready to teach you the secrets. Than again, what is your motive?

Before wanting anything in life, try to recognize your motive as to why you want it in the first place? What are you going to do with it? Is it worth pursuing such a goal? What will be the benefit for world? Do you know, if you are a selfless person, all the secret knowledge of life will be revealed to you whether you like it or not? But how many among us are selfless? Some of claim to be selfless, but are we? If you want anything in life, the first requirement is humility.

Through humility alone, you can attract unlimited abundance. Don’t try to be humble, but be humble. How do you be humble? Be love for love is the only humble thing in everything.

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