How To Achieve Your Goals

How To Achieve Your Goals

We have to admit that we have a lot of ‘goals’ that we want to be achieving in life. That’s a fact. Some of us may have achieved the goals, and some of us may not. To those who have not achieved your goals, have you thought about the reasons that’s preventing you from achieving what you want out of life? There got to be reasons to it.

Let’s take my own life example. I have been contemplating on writing and publishing an inspirational book for a long time but until today, I have not written it. What was it that prevented me from having a book published? Laziness? Environment? What is it?

Well, I had so many ideas, but the one thing that prevented me from publishing a book was, I never begin to write one. Without beginning to do something, how can I have an end product or result? (the published book).

So no matter what we want to achieve, it is just not enough to just have aims or goals. Many people dream of becoming a millionaire and there is nothing wrong with that, but the problem is they don’t begin doing something about it. You have to do something about your aim, concentrate on it and never stop until you achieve the result you want.

Likewise, I have begun to put together my life experiences to write a book. It’s in the process. Are you going to start doing something now for your goals? To make it easier, let’s go through the process step by step.

The A B C D to achieving whatever you want in life goes like this:

A is to have an Aim to achieve

B is to Begin doing something about it

C is to Concentrate on what you have begin doing

D is to Don’t stop doing until you achieve your aim

Quite simple right? So far it is but why is it we seem to be unable to begin doing something?

I have noticed many times in my own life experiences, that most of the time we could not start to do something because we do not know where to begin or how to begin. It simply means is we are lacking information on how to we are going to achieve our aim. So this where you begin. Start by doing some research.

You can start asking people about what you can do, you can buy and read books, but better still, if you are computer literate, you can dig an unlimited gold mine – the Internet. One just need to spend enough time to gather the kind of information one needs.

Once you got the correct informations and details, start to draw a plan. This is called Action plan. The step by step process (activities) how you are going to achieve it. Before I explain further, I want you to know that your action plan should be about creating conditions or circumstances that can lead you to have what you want.

Now you know your aims, you have an action plan, and what’s next? Do it. Go out and do the things you already planned. If you don’t do it, nothing is going to happen.

If you want to reach the sky, you got to fly there, they sky won’t come down towards you. There are ways to reach the sky. Take a plane. You see the point?

You’ve got to put yourself on that plane to reach the sky. You are putting yourself in a condition that will bring the sky towards you by taking the plane towards there. This is what I meant by creating conditions. Your action plans should be about conditions or circumstances that will bring your and goals nearer.

No amount of thinking going to bring your goals to you. You can think all your life, but if you don’t provide the conditions for it to come, it will never come. So who is responsible for your success? You are. So start doing something now and don’t stop until you are your goal come near to you and finally when it is beside you, grab it.

Yet, why is it so many people who sets a goal, plans a clever plan, starts doing something about it, and yet they fail? Why do they fail? Simply because when difficulties comes along, they give up. They never persist. Persistence always wins. Always. Yes, but they didn’t persist blindly, they persisted by readjusting their attitude and plans.

When you are facing challenging times, how do you readjust yourself? You can ask yourself these questions honestly:

  1. What is it that I wanted to achieve in the first place?

  2. How is my attitude towards my aim now? Is it positive or pessimistic?

  3. Am I putting all my attention towards creating the conditions required to bring the aim nearer to me?

These three A’s or golden words Aim, Attitude and Attention can always bring back your focus. Just believe in your self and never give up what you have started.

4 thoughts on “How To Achieve Your Goals

  1. Yes, persistence can make you achieve your goals Nwosu Sabinus. Don’t give up but focus until you achieve it.

    One thing to remember though. We need to find balance while striving to achieve our goals. Sometimes, too much of focus on our goals can lead to imbalance where we may tend to forget other important things in life.

    So it is important to be balanced at the same time.

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