How To Achieve Goals

How To Achieve Goals

Have you ever come across those people who talk a lot about doing this and that to be successful but when you look at their life, they have never really achieved anything in particular? That is because they only know how to talk, not how to take action.

Do you know you can never achieve anything in life if you never do something about it? Thinking about being successful or talking about it can never make you successful unless you start doing something. The key to success is in taking action.

There are two types of people in this world in relation to success, those who have dreams and keep dreaming about it and those who have dreams but actually do something to achieve it. Which type are you? Think about it.

When I think about why some people never take action to achieve their goals, I think it is because of the fear of failure. What else can it be? If you have no fear, why are you not doing anything? What other excuse can you give for not taking action?

In case you are wondering why people have the fear of failure, it is because they are assumers. They list down all sorts of possible perils that they might face if they actually start doing something to achieve their goals; even though they know it may not be true.

That’s what happening to those who never do anything about their goals. They kill their dreams at the starting point itself, without any hope for progress although they are aware of the sayings, never venture, never win; no risk no gain; and fortune favors the brave.

Why should we set up walls in our own path imagining all sorts of dangers? Bridges should be crossed only when we come to them, not before that. It is only the stupid and the timid who want to cross the imaginary bridges long before reaching them.

What we need for success is a robust commonsense. Whatever we set to achieve, assuming that it is worth pursuing, should be done in the firm believe that we will succeed. We have to have strong faith in the virtues of our object and firm faith in ourselves.

We have to disabuse our mind of myths, fetishes and old wives’ tales. When we look at those successful, we find, they do not wait for a lucky day to do something important but plunge themselves into it at the first opportunity itself with resolute determination.

Remember, if you want to achieve your goals you to be decisive, certain and have faith in your own competence and do something with absolute confidence. Now go and do something!

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