How To Achieve Goals In More Than One Way

How To Achieve Goals In More Than One Way

We often have to figure out more than one way to get where we are going, whether it’s due to a traffic jam or a vacation threatened by bad weather. The same is true in launching a successful business.

If you want to open a store in your local shopping mall but don’t have $100,000 it will take to start one, consider a different route become a vendor with a push cart, or perhaps open a booth in the same mall, for a lot less money. All of these business ideas will only cost a few hundred dollars to get started, but it’s a start. Or maybe you want to make a living on the professional golf tour, but you know your game is a little shaky your 18 point handicap won’t even get you into the qualifying school. So what? Think about all the other opportunities there are on the circuit. You could get a job with the professional golf tour selling flowers or catering, or become a saleswomen calling on pro shops with a line of golf clothing.

The point is avoid tunnel vision. View the big picture, and don’t let society or any of your own pre-conceived notions lock you out of an area where you want to make a living. The world is full of possibilities, but sometimes you have to create them for yourself. Even if your first step is small, and not where you envision yourself being, at least you are making progress. And that progress can build on itself and turn into real momentum. You are moving toward what you want and if you have the stamina and drive you will get there.

Few people know exactly what they want in life, and often, by the time they get there, their goals and outlook have changed considerably or the world has. It’s a waste of time waiting around for the perfect job or perfect circumstance. Just start doing what you want to do and keep moving in that direction. Nothing worthwhile happens overnight. It always starts a little imperfect and evolves into something better.

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