Home Cooked Food

Home Cooked Food

Preparing meals at home for your family is a way to give and share love. As the saying goes, ‘a family that eats together stays together’. Home cooked meals allow you to spend valued time with your family, it also makes dinner time a pleasant and memorable experience.

Everyone can take part in meal preparation so, it can be a shared event.

However cooking are learned skills that improve with practice. Start cooking and learn how to make your favourite dish to share with your family. Here are some tips to help you get started:

Purchase a good set of cooking utensils

Without proper cooking utensil, it is difficult to make good meals. For starters, you should purchase a full set of pots and pans. Stores that carry kitchen cooking utensils usually sell pot and pans sets.

A good set includes small and large saucepans with lids, and small and large frying pans. As you get more experienced as a cook, you will find more kitchen utensils that you can purchase.

Cook a healthy meal by using fresh, unprocessed foods

The healthiest meals you can make are the ones prepared using unprocessed foods such as vegetables and whole grain. Your cooking should consists of vegetables and fruits, as it contains mineral and vitamins for the body to repair itself. Your digestion system will function more efficiently when given proper nutrition.

* Types of healthy food includes fiber, antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals. Add fish to your cooking,, particularly salmon which is rich in protein and Omega-3 fatty acids; which is good for your heart, joints, brains, and immune system.

* Bake, braise, broil or grill meats, fish and poultry. These are healthier cooking methods because fats drain away from the foods while they are cooking.

* Substitute whole milk dairy products with low fat alternatives. Low fat dairy products help decrease your risk of high cholesterol and weight gain, because you will consume less animal fat.

Watch cooking shows to learn cooking techniques and recipes

You can also take cooking classes for a more thorough, hands-on-learning experience. Buy a cookbook with step by step recipes instructions. Look for a cookbook that includes a lot of info and pictures. Pictures are helpful because they show what the food should look like at different stages of the cooking process.

Practice makes perfect

Practice making a new recipes, read the entire recipe before you start cooking so you get a full understanding of the cooking process for the recipe you have chosen. Set out all your ingredients so they are within easy reach. Before you start to cook, do any required prep work such as chopping vegetables and preheating oven.

Preparing the ingredients beforehand will make the cooking experience go more smoothly. Read the directions as you go along. Do not skip any steps and follow each step carefully.

Extend and preserve you home cooked meal

No one want to let a delicious home cooked meal go to waste. The refrigerator lets you store prepared food for an extended amount of time. Freeze food that you don’t foresee eating in the next two days to preserve the taste .

Label the packaging with the name of the dish and date the dish was prepared. This will allow you to keep track of how long each meal has been stored in the freezer. So, the next time you crave for home cooked meal, just dig into your freezer and preheat you favourite meal.

Make a plan to prepare more home cooked meals weekly. The benefits of eating at home exceed the time it takes to prepare them. Your loved ones will thank you for it.

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