Good Advice

Good Advice

Advice are often considered as personal point of views offering some type of suggestions about certain situations given out to someone. An advice can come from someone ordinary like your neighbor, friends or relatives as well as, it can also come from qualified professionals.

People who give advice, usually give them as a guide to action or conduct about something. It can be a simple advice like how to polish your fingernails or can be a complete professional advice like getting legal suggestions on how to start up your own business. There are various types of advice. It can be a business advice, a dream advice, a spiritual advice, make up advice or even health advice.

However, each of these advice can only fit into two major category. They either have to be a good advice or bad advice. A good advice always builds you towards improving either yourself or something that you want to improve or learn up. Bad advice on the other hand, although may appear as if it is a good advice, will always get you into trouble because they are wrong advice.

Thus, when we are either reading an advice or listening to an advice from someone, we must be able to recognize the good advice. Good advice are always genuine and often comes directly from the heart of the person giving the advice. I am not saying people who give wrong advice are bad people but if you want to recognize a good advice look who is giving the advice. It is important we can get relevant professional advice instead of an advice from a lay person.

Let’s say for example, you are having blood pressure problem. The doctor gave you a prescription for the condition and your friend or relative who believes in some kind of divine intervention asks you not to take the medicine. Who will you listen? I’d say you should listen to the doctor and take the medicine as prescribed. If you are not satisfied or unsure about your diagnosis, you can always get a second opinion from another doctor. You want a good medical advice from a doctor for health problem, not from an uninformed layperson.

It is important to see who is giving the advice as well as the qualification and experience of the person giving the advice. People with wide experience in life will know how to give good advice. If they don’t know an answer for something, they will not try to give you advice anyway because they know they can put you in danger. In this case they will refer you to someone professional. In the case of giving life advice for example, it is important for us to recognize the how extensive the adviser have experienced life. It does not mean they have to be older. What I mean by extensive life experience is how much an individual can unveil the mysteries of life and guide you in your own path to self improvement.

We can recognize such advisers. How do we do that? A good adviser always let’s you learn on your own but guides you along the way. They will not take your burden and try to solve your problem but let you master your own problems. A good adviser always leads you to become a master of your own life. A good adviser also knows they may not have all the answers to life’s question and they are also aware they can be wrong. Thus they will suggest to you what works and what doesn’t work. You have to take what works for you and leave what doesn’t. I am saying this because experimenting ourself the guidelines or advice we are getting will prove to us the truth without a shadow of doubt. We will not be following by blind faith but will know the answer for sure.

That is why I always suggest, although you read any advice from my blog or any other website, always think and do your own research on the information given. Learn it and prove it to yourself the truth of the information. Being doubtful means you are trying to learn the real truth and that’s good. Hope this gives you some idea on what to do when getting advice from someone or when you want to give advice to someone. Whatever that works for us may not work for others, but its good to share, but as someone receiving the advice, the person have the right to discriminate and be doubtful. What is more important is we prove to ourself the truth of any statement or advice given.

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