Fitness Tips

Fitness Tips

For Olympic trainees, it is important to spend hours a day staying fit. To others, it is a hobby, and to some, it is excruciating hard work.

Everyone who does it, though, will benefit.

There is a different between making it a priority and making it an obsession. Make getting fit a priority can mean everything. What you do is often determined by your ability to move around.

When your fitness level keeps you from doing what you want to do, you need to do something about it.

Being ‘fit’ essentially means being able to perform well in a variety of physically exerting circumstances.

Either way, if you find yourself running out of breath when doing simple things like walking up the stairs or playing catch up, it is time to improve your physical fitness. Your fitness for life is dependent on your habits. It is important to start small so that you do not get discouraged and decide to quit.

Lift Weights

Your first priority should be to buy a set of weights or find a health club that has them. Find two, five, eight, and 10 pound free weights in pairs.
Find a weight routine for men or women that will work for you.
If you desire is to be bulky, then the routine will be different, and you will need heavier weights in the long run. Lifting weights three times a week will give you at least a day in between.
Slowly but surely, lifting weights can change the way you feel, as it helps you burn calories while you exercise, and will continue to do so even after you are dome.

Practice Yoga

When you begin to notice the change, you may find that you need something more challenging. Perhaps it is time to add something to your routine.
Yoga is a great option to add between weight lifting days. It will help you to stay flexible through the muscle building process.
Any physical activity that causes a little bit of strain will help you get fit, but it is also important to remember that variety is the spice of life.
Keep both your body and mind guessing by enjoying a diversity of activities and have fun. You may want to add aerobic exercise a couple of days in a week as well.

Take Small Steps

Remember that if you want to make fitness a life pattern, it has to be user friendly.
Incorporate more physical exercise into your daily routine. You are probably out of shape because you don’t challenge your body regularly to do something out of your daily range of motion. So start your own exercise regimen and stick with it.
Do not add anything that will cause you to quit altogether. Take small steps to meet the goals you have set. Do something you enjoy, as enjoyment is the key to sticking with it.
Before you know it, you will be doing the task you thought you will never be able to accomplish.


* Make a goal and stick to it.
* Find a workout buddy. Motivate each other
* Doing interval training can speed up your ability to reach your fitness goals, i.e. run for two minutes, jog for four minutes, and repeat.
* Joining a gym can be helpful.
* Consider alternative forms of exercise like biking, indoor climbing, Yoga, Tai Chi, martial arts, etc.
* Incorporate exercise into your daily routine. Routine is the key.

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