Finding Joy In Hard Times

Finding Joy In Hard Times

When we are asked about what we are trying to achieve, what do we answer most of the time? Most people I know will relate the answer to either a material goal like financial freedom or a spiritual goal like self realization.

However I want you to ask yourself, have you ever considered about having a life full of joy at all time no matter what happens as one of those goals you have in life?

Let’s say you are now in extreme financial difficulties to the level you have to skip your meals for some days. Can you still find joy while living in such condition? Can you avoid grieving in such condition?

Here is another scenario. Let’s say suddenly something bad happened and someone close and dearest to you left this world. Can you still find joy in living while experiencing such conditions? Can you avoid grieving in such conditions?

Most people will wonder how to be happy or fill one’s self with joy in such conditions. Some people will even come and tell you that it’s okay to grief, but how many people will come and tell you that it is not okay to grief or cry? I’d say that.

Frankly, people grief or cry because they don’t know how to handle their own emotions and also because they don’t know how grieving or crying can attract more negative energy into their life. There is nothing good about this.

If you keep grieving and moaning, it shows you are not capable of letting go and accepting your condition, experience of change. If you have the realization that nothing last forever in this world, perhaps you can handle it better.

You will try to find something permanent that can give you everlasting joy no matter what happens. Finding joy in hard times or turbulent times means, seeing the divinity within us that God is always with us. Can you see this? This is what we are trying to achieve in life.

Let me put it in simple terms. Thoughts and feelings operate in wavelengths. You attract the kind of wavelength you are in tune with at any particular time. It’s like the radio frequency tuner. Which channel are you tuned at?

There are already too much of negative thoughts in the atmosphere. If you’re going to continue thinking about the negative, you are tuning yourself to this negative energy. You will easily pick up these negative thoughts or energies in the air.

If you are asking yourself why you are not able to tune in to positive thoughts or energy during hard times, it is because of habit. You can change the way you perceive and react by using the same principle – habit.

Create the habit of positive thinking by practicing it. When things goes wrong, train yourself again and again to look at the bright side until it becomes a natural habit or practice. This is what they call sub conscious mind programming.

Whatever situation you are experiencing, ask yourself, how can I see these things positively? If I am thinking positively why am I not having the joy I am suppose to have? Doesn’t positive thinking suppose to eliminate grief?

If you are experiencing grief despite trying positive thinking, it means there is something wrong with your outlook. It means your point of views or opinions. Examine your own opinions. Are they contributing to your growth or are they pulling you down? Think about it.

It’s all a matter of practice. We can handle our emotions better if we learn to practice handling it. Do you even try? Try it. Remember, to find joy at all times in life, you need to recognize the divinity within you. See the great creativity within you – God.

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