Find Your Talent

Find Your Talent

There is a story about a Jewish couple in England sometime ago who set their heart on having a son. When a son was born to them, they insisted that he should be a genius. His records in school however, dismayed his parents who had to employ a number of tutors to help the boy scrape through his examinations from one class to the next.

After completing school with the greatest of difficulty, the boy was sent to Oxford, where he did not fare any better. In order to avoid discrimination, the family changed their name from a typically Jewish one to Abercrombie.

One day, Mr. and Mrs. Abercrombie went to Wembley Station in London to see a football match between England and Scotland. Their son was playing for England and the stadium was a sea of heads. Suddenly, the game progressed, the spectators were so excited that they stood up and shouted in unison, ‘Abercrombie got the ball, Abercrombie got the ball, Abercrombie is a genius’.

Mr. and Mrs. Abercrombie were absolutely dazed. All these years, they had been spending a large amount of money on private tutors for their son in the hope that he would be transformed into a genius. Excitement in the crowd being contagious, they too stood up along with others and yelled, ‘Abercrombie got the ball, Abercrombie got the ball, Abercrombie is a genius’. Their problem child was indeed a genius but far removed from the type of genius they had visualized, or rather from their conception of a genius.

The story shows that even if you have the highest kind of education, you may not be successful (the boy went to Oxford). What it takes to be successful is to realize our own potential and harnessing ourselves in that area. Just like in the story, the boy was skilled in playing football and focusing in the area he is talented or skilled he was able to become successful in his own ways.

Likewise, identifying your talents and focusing your energy in the area you are passionate about is more likely to bring you success instead of doing things you don’t like. This is the reason why so many self improvement speakers or coach will advice you to develop your talents and use your talents. Take a look at yourself and ask yourself what is that one thing you are most passionate about. Ask yourself how that passion can help you improve yourself and be successful they way you want.

If you want to be a millionaire, ask yourself, how you can find and start using your talents to make yourself become a millionaire, for example, if you have a passion for writing, you can have a blog and learn to monetize it, or maybe you can write a book, or you can start your own publishing company. Think about how your passion can help you and do it.

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