Does It Matter If Someone Likes Us Or Not

Does It Matter If Someone Likes Us Or Not

Are you wondering if people like you or not? How do we determine if someone likes you or not? The easiest way is to ask them straightforward if they like you or not. Ask them to give an honest answer.

While there are many who are willing to tell you about how they feel, it also is true sometimes people don’t really give honest answers in order to not to hurt others. In this case how do we know if someone like us or not?

We can determine if people like us or not by observing the way they react while in our presence. They may not be feeling very comfortable. They might try to stay away from us such as, whenever we walk near them; they might walk away from there.

We can also look at the way they respond to our conversation. Do they talk to you with interest? If not, they probably don’t like you. This is very noticeable if they don’t respond to any of your talk with them.

Yet, they may be behaving such for some other reasons too. Who can really tell what’s in the heart of another being? Only those who can read other people’s mind and there are really very few people in this world who can really do that.

Whether people like us or not, does it really matter? When we want someone to like us, we are in reality trying to change them. No one have any rights to change another person’s likes and dislikes. Each individual has the right to choose the way they feel.

Why do you want someone to like you anyway? Usually people want someone to like them because they want to make their own self happy. Common belief says that there is nothing wrong in wanting someone to like us. Common sense says that desire is an expectation.

Happiness is not based on whether someone likes us or not. Happiness comes as a result of inner realization of the divine love which is already inside of us.

Personally, like it or not, if we feel or realize that someone dislikes us, the right thing to do is to let them be. This is love – to let others have their personal space; to allow others to grow into a better being through their own choices.

Remember, love doesn’t force nor tries to change anything or anyone. Love simply loves. We ought to know this and as far as we are concerned, what should matter for us is how we feel about our own self and how truthful we are in our life.

So does it really matters if someone likes you or not ?

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